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thanks for trying it out and letting me know! 😁

Uploaded V2.0 as the final version! This adds some very much needed polish

Oh HELL YEAH! That's what I said the moment I got into the game! I have to admit this was my cup o' tea :) Good stuf!

This definetly has that "Angry Birds" feel! Great work!

I see what you were going for but this was very difficult to control. Either way good work!

I wasn't too sure what to do but I loved the art and messing around with the possesion mechanics! Great art too!

This was fun. Having never played Binding of Issac this made me interested to play it! good stuff!

I'm charming but not very cool apparently :) Great work!

This was a great effort. It took a while but I finally made it to the space Del Taco lol! I'd like to see yall dress this up and release this on the app store or something because I was into this game Flappy bird style :)

This was super cool. I haven't played spy hunter in years but I think this scrateches the itch :)

I shook the baby . . . Lol these were great!

I wasn't sure what to do. Maybe this isn't the full build?

This was a agreat collection of minigames! Very realavent and thought out!

It took me a few tries but I got the hang of it! Nice puzzler!

Funko pops are so dope! haha this was funny. I liked your head grab for the sprite 

here is my submission. Not as polished as I'd like but it's there ^_^ 

This was really fun! This was well put together and I love how the controls feel. Awesome Job!

I wanted to try it but the file won't unzip. maybe try ziping it again with out the numbers at the end?

This is pretty good looking. I had a bit of trouble figuring out what to do but I got stuff to happen eventually (I think) Good stuff.

Holy hell man this is amazing! You guys did an awesome job with the FMV stuff. I'd definitely say this has a lot of Bombitude! ^_^

I chomped -1426 there was something addicting about this. If this were a clicker I'd still be playing lol. Good job.

Nice to see Luchadeer get some love. It was a bit hard to tell how the obstacles worked because i got hit/orgasmed? when I thought I avoided them. Either way Nice job!

Wow great job duders! You really put some time into this! I love the art work and the writing is spot on! The car controls were a little strange but I got used to them. Really, you guys deserve a cookie.

This was neat. I wish I had someone to play it with. I had trouble concentrating on one side lol. Still fun. good job.

Really fun. If you haven't made this a browser game you really should. good work!

I tried playing but nothing happens when I press A.

Damn you got the Nikita almost spot on! good work! H button is godlike!

At first the controls were a bit frustrating but seemed to grow on me. I think it's because this game feels like an old NES game which game me a strange feeling of nostalgia. Either way I stuck with it and ended up enjoying it for the most part. the third level has a house on the bottom that isn't aligned with the street and it prevented me from finishing it but all in all solid work!

You got Lock Down in there so I'm just going to let this Idle on my Desktop lol. Good work with the back ground and characters. I couldn't get Jeff to do a whole lot but watching them animate was a lot of fun! good stuff!

Holy crap dude this has got some style to it! Expanded this seems like the kind of game Nintendo would like on the Switch (I don't mean that as an insult, like actually try to make money with this ^_^). A few things: If you had an audio prompt on the letter change it would make it easier to know when you need to switch letters.

Also it doesn't matter which letter you press they all do the same thing.

All in all great job!

I would have named this "Never not Chomping" lol. I liked this. If you expanded on this idea I think it would make a cool 2 player game! Awesome job!

Oh my good lord! lol this was actually kinda fun. Make this a Clicker and you'll probably get featured on UPF.

HAHAHA!!!!! That was masterful for what it was change nothing good sir!

love the concept! I wish the crews quarters was a bit bigger but from what it looked like every thing worked on the tank. I'd love to see you take this further if you decide to do that. Good stuff!

well it's something. it would have loved to see those red balls as tacos or something and have the audio for the shot turned down but hey it's something. Thanks for submitting :)

Nice use of physics! It's been years since I've played a genuine game of pogs so this took me back. (I'm not old I swear), It crashed on me in round 2 but that could have been something I did lol. good stuff!

I like this concept. I'd love to see you expand on it. sound kinda startled me a bit but other than that it's really fun!

I really liked this one! you put some solid work into this and it shows

This is awesome! I was never good at rhythm games but this has the feel without the hard core accuracy. I love it.

I . . . I think I'm suffering from gundam addiction *looks back at dozens of gundam models on shelf* Yeah I think I need help. Good work dude!