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Thank you very much for the short review, glad you enjoyed it!

They do matter less and less, it's more of giving you something to do (read - grind for), since i didn't have enough time for content :D

Thank you very much for the feedback!

The boss was planned and then scrapped due to time unfortunately.

I agree with the health packs, that would have been a great addition!

You can also beat the game by having 1 health 1 speed and the rest into the other stats, by one hit killing everything

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Really good game, love the attention to detail, and the gun appearing when you shoot is hilarious. 

Some of the level design with the cacti was a bit sketchy to be honest, but overall a very very good package.

Really liked the graphics, would love it if it had sounds though. 

Very nice implementation of the showdown premise

Nice idea with the rocks. Would probably be a lot smoother if you could hold the keys to move though

Love the idea of full voice acting. Although I have to say it's very unclear as to what's going on in the game

Really liked the tongue animations/physics and the shooting, good job

Very nice game. Had fun trying to speedrun it since i figured out you can just click on any dot and pass all of the game without touching any event :D. 

Other than that I would really recommend you use TextMesh Pro for text (it's free from Unity) since the text was very blurry making it hard to read (I'm guessing that's why it was so blurry)

Very nice pixel art, would really like if there were at least some indication of how much health you have, unless i missed it.

Short and sweet, I really like the dialogues. I do agree with Houkime, should probably have at least some player agency to make it more fun

I like the art, but the time you have to reload shots is really low I usually can't manage to do it. Never got more than 12 because of it