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Haha no, I don't think that's even possible time-wise, but thank you for reminding me of that bit! I don't personally remember hearing it before making this game, but it definitely has the right energy for Birds Love Dirt! A be-beaked bird would be an excellent choice :)

This is the exact kind of bizarre and useless argument I already love having with my friends, but now with a simple scoring system to declare a genuine winner, and I'm here for it. I think the randomness of which position you must take is a fun twist that could really up the absurdity of logical leaps. This game sounds like a blast and I hope I get a chance to play it soon!

Just had a lot of fun playing this with my friends! The cards quickly told us who was the wizard's favorite (and least favorite) and helped us craft an intrigue rich story with a satisfying ending. I already look forward to playing again!

I just played this with friends and it was so much fun! We decided to play as artistic robots, made by a previous generation AI. We loved building our apocalyptic (for humans anyway) but beautiful world and finding out who had the most favor from our creator. I'll be thinking about our quirky little robot crew for awhile. And when I'm ready to play again I know there's enough to inspire a whole new story! Thanks for a great game :)

Oh wow, thank you! It means so much to me to hear this goofy little game I took so much joy in writing delivers some of that joy to others too. It's all I ever really hoped this game could do! ❤ 🐤

Thank you for giving Reading Buddy a shot and for sharing your experience! I'm so glad it helped with your textbook reading and that you enjoyed it! 😊

I love your idea for a one goal tweak-I think I'll try it that way next time I do a bookmark. When I wrote Reading Buddy I was thinking about juggling my bigger goals like reading x books and y nonfiction books. But now I think those are mostly too big to work best with Reading Buddy. In my day to day if I need extra motivation to read it is usually for one more specific reason-like finishing a particular book. So I think one goal with every few boxes as a souvenir sounds like a very good fit!

What an amazing bundle for a great cause! I'd like to submit my game for the showcase