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I've contacted support, they responded

 " New uploads are not immediately indexed in our search as we require new games to go through a manual review queue by our staff. We put in this measure to minimize the amount of fraud and scam uploads that people occasionally attempt to abuse. " 


 " If there are any games that get marked for additional review in our system then it generally takes around a day for them to be reviewed, but sometimes there may be some additional delay depending on various factors. Just for some more clarification, this doesn’t happen to all projects, only a few."

I'm still waiting for my game to be visible on the site and its been almost 3 days.

its already set to public, and it says its published on the game page, but its not visible anywhere on the site. The only way someone can view my game is by a link.

Yeah, it wierd because i remember publishing a game like half a year ago and the second it was public, it was visible on the site

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I've recently published my game, about 23 hours ago, but I can't find it anywhere, it never appeared in the recently added, it doesn't show up if I search it up, and I tried looking for it with the tags and still no luck. I've set the visibility to public and left the unlisted box unchecked. I'm pretty sure I haven't forgotten anything on my game page and the pricing is set to no payments. The game page is 

I've read from the forms that it can take up to a day to have the game visible on the site. So I don't know if its just stuck in a queue or if I forgot to add something on the page would stop the game from being visible. Also, just another question, if my game is stuck in a queue, once its visible would the time published reset back to zero and appear at the top of the recently added or would it appear, at this point with the other game that have been published 23hours ago?