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Wazp was the problem. I have installed it and the game starts now. Unfortunately very slow as I don't use a CM4 adapter. 

Hi, Wipeout starts on the V4SA+ but only runs in slow motion. On the Amiga 1200 with PiStorm Lite (Amikit OS3.2.2.1) unfortunately only the intro runs and then I get this error message.

Wipeout Amikit

Better stupid or crazy bots than none at all. I imagine a round with 2 humans and 2 bots would be great fun. It certainly increases long-term motivation. But I can also imagine that it means a lot of work.

I hope you finish it. The game is already very well done. Now all that's missing are bots and music.  Multiplayer games are rare at the moment, so I'm all the more looking forward to Wizonk!

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Too bad still no WHDload install released ... since none of my Amigas still have a normal DD disc drive, I can probably never play the purchased game. I can't get it to work with the Gotek.

Please make a CD32 conversion of this great game. You could even offer an improved soundtrack on CD. 

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Well, the game is not bad, in fact I think the idea is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it is currently very instalbil for me. I use an A1200 with TF1260 with Rev.6 and OS When I start it from the hard drive, it crashes right away. I can play it from the ADF for a few minutes, then the same thing happens.

Good news :)

now only a CD32 version with 2 player simultaneous ;) 

Unfortunately, I cannot open version 1.1.3 via the Wb (

Well how does it look, is there already an update of the great game ? 

Thanks for the tip but I already own the game.

I own the original game on CD. It's not bad but has some weaknesses. It's nice that RPGs are still being released for the Amiga.

But I'm also looking forward to the Scorpion prototype and I'm excited about the video. I hope it will be released.

Tales of Gorluth 3 Scorpion engine prototype

I'm really looking forward to the Scorpion Engine implementation. The music in the video is also great.

Unfortunately not, I have the Gotek on the second floppy port. Thus it is DF1. A WHDload install would be nice.

Have it unfortunately despite Gotek not get to run. It only comes the message that the assignment is missing. Also mount via OS3.2.2.1 has not helped. An installer would be nice. Otherwise I have to copy it to disk. But I have only one external drive.

The game is really great. A beautiful implementation and the graphic style has a modern design. A 2 player mode would have been nice but you can't have everything.

The CD32 control also worked without problems with the gamepad on the Amiga 1200.

Will there be a CD32 version? 

That would really be a highlight, Mega Man for the Amiga CD32. Maybe even with CD Audio ... 

When will Mega Man be released for the CD32 ?   :)

Visually really nice to look at. Unfortunately, I lack the long-term motivation. Since there are no bots and no 4 player duel mode exisitert. I think this would be really fun on an Amiga/CD32 with a 4 player adapter.

Nice work, I'm curious how good this will be.

Very Nice Game, where is a CD32 Version with CD-Audio ? :) 

Too bad the current CD32 PAL version does not run on the CD32 + SX1 and 8 MB Fastram. Had tested it on 08.02.2023. 

Use the CD32 without HD.

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Really great, it plays great. I'm looking forward to the finished game. Such a title was missing on the Amiga. It's got everything I'm looking for. Will you be able to save on the CD32 version and will there be music from CD on the CD32 version?

The only criticism is that I don't like the sound stack. There is still room for improvement. But that's also the only thing I can criticize so far.

Ich freue mich drauf, wann ist es soweit ? 

I'm looking forward to it, when will it be ?

CDXL videos would also be possible, then you don't need a FMV module. I am still happy about new CD32 games.

Very nice, finally a CD32 game again. Please more of them, even with CD audio and FMV videos.

Cool, It would be even better with a 2 player mode. You could even incorporate that into the main game. Like in mario 3, where you could compete against each other.

Please be sure to finish the game.

It is really well done. 

will there also be a second fox with red or blue shirt ?  :)

I know Castlevania Chronicles, of course. I even played it on the PS1 back then. My favorite part is Symphony of Night. I think their AGA version looks even better than Chroinicles. Well maybe this is possible with the CDA tracks in the future. The CD32 even offers the possibility to save game saves in the NVRam. Earok is an expert in this area. He could certainly help.

I hope they finish the project, a good Castlevania port is missing from the Amiga.

I'm already eagerly waiting for the game.

Will you also make a CD32 conversion ? There would be the possibility to play the audio tracks from CD.  And C. has a damn good soundtrack.

Please make a Amiga Port :)

Great Game, thanks  Mcgeezer !

Maybe there will be time in the future. The A1k forum is often very helpful as well.

The game looks damn good.

Text adventures are unfortunately not my thing, but maybe I'll buy it anyway.

Will there be more languages to choose from ? 

Strange, it was probably the burner. I have now tried again. This time it also worked. You have done very well.

Maybe some audio tracks for the CD32 would have been cool. But I do not want to criticize, I'm glad that there is a CD32 port in AGA.

Hello, I get an error message when burning the iso.

So, now I have installed it again and 1.2 now also works. Unfortunately, there is still sound interference, so you have to switch off the music. 

I had to unpack the C&C via the shell. Then the extraction also ran without errors. I could then start the game. Unfortunately I had sound errors. 

The file you sent me now crashes the game.

The packed format is very unsuitable for the Amiga. Otherwise also a V4SA+ with CoffinOS cannot unpack the file.  Maybe offer it as LHA or as a zip file. 

Unfortunately the current version does not work for me, once the intro started and then froze. Now get instead of the Westwood Intro only a black screen.

I use a V4SA+ with CoffinOS.

Gut gemacht, hat eine ganze Weile gedauert ;) schade das es auf der V4 und V1200 nur mit Bildfehlern läuft und Ohne Musik läuft.