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I am close to a demo. This will only be accessed by content creators to begin with. But I think I will release somewhere around June possibly.

Hey! That sounds interesting. We have no problem with you using our screenshots for your project :) What kind of a project are you working on if I may ask?

Hey! A little tip. The .exe will not run by itself. You need to either pack all the output files from Unity and put them in a .rar or .zip, or use something like Inno Setup to create an installer file.

If you are three players, it will be 2 vs ghost. There will always be exactly one ghost.

Have you created a profile?

Hey! If you join our Discord we can make that happen :)

Thank you for your kind reply! I appreciate the feedback. The esc issue is something that will be fixed in the next patch, which will be released this week. I know it can be very frustrating 😂

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the game 😊

Exorcists - PvP Ghost Hunting
Do you love horror games? More specifically ghost-hunting horror games? Well then I have got just the game for you. While this game is heavily inspired by Phasmophobia, there is one major difference. The ghost is controlled by another player. One of the players will be selected to become the ghost, and the remaining players must try to find evidence to exorcise the spirit. The ghost must try to scare the players to gain power to start a hunt. So if you ever wanted to haunt your friends, this is just the game for you!