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A ranking was on the schedule, but we had to submit earlier. The self stun was implemented as a way of rewarding good control of the ball, but I can easily why it feels bad and out of place.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot!

Really well done, especially when you grab a friend

It feels like walking on ice, but otherwise really good. Probs!

Well done. I really like the movement and art-style, also great idea

It is a very nice game! Sometimes you can easily get stuck in the metal walls. But all in all you did a great job :D

It looks and plays very good. I think it would profit from a random generation of tiles. Well done!!

I like the artstyle, well done

Well done

Great concept, I can easily see this being a really good game with more levels.

nice concept and execution for only four hours

Nice one, a lot of fun :)

Its close to unplayable. Very laggy. I have a NVIDIA  Geforce GT 710 6GB, which reaches 100% once I'm in the game.

Awesome graphics, but unplayable due to performances problems