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When the game was still mostly in beta, it let you play the routes as they were being released and test them out. Currently, there is no "advantage" to it, necessarily, except supporting the creator, since they're an indie developer and are the ones doing the brunt of the work. The only thing I could maybe think of is, they might release voices in batches(since it's being first released without the voices), but we'll have to see honestly.

I had personally purchased it when they had the $51.99 tier, because it came with an artbook and I wanted to give them an amount I thought was fair for all of their hard work. It's up to you which tier you want to pay for, there's no shame in choosing the cheapest one, if you want, but if you wanted to give them more beyond that, that's fine too.

The release in October will be voiceless, however a later release(estimated sometime in December) is going to have voices.

There is no set date, it'll just be released whenever it's ready. Though the creator is getting closer to the homestretch, and you can see a lot of their updates, progress, and ideas on twitter.

That's a freaking steal?? I was expecting more, I'm ready for my money to be taken. xD

Do you have an idea what the price will be for the full release? I want to make sure I set aside some money for when I can buy or pre-order the game. :)

Ffffffff, I love you.

Yes, and yes. No, you won't have to buy anything separately, just when the game is released or as each route is, you'll have to go to your purchases page and download it.

By preordering, you bought the game early, so you won't have to purchase it again. However, the game isn't finished yet and currently is in beta.

I'm curious, will we be able to buy the OP song once the game releases?