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Yooooo thanks so much for the video, I'm really glad that people are loving this very specific classmates-to-enemies dynamic that I also love and wanted so much to play with through this game.

Yep, you've got them right! Thanks for the notes! This is really helpful feedback as I work on updating the game. I've got a whole batch of new prompts and tweaks that I'm hoping to update the game with when I get the time. Thanks!

Thanks! I love cooking as much if not more than I love making games, so the connections are really apparent.

You're welcome!

Thanks for reading them!

Sometimes I cook a dinner for my wife that's terrible, it happens. I apologise, we make instant noodles and I try and learn from my mistake and she makes fun of me for the rest of time. Sometimes I make a boring meal that we neither like or dislike, but hey it was dinner. Same with games, I guess.

Ahh thanks for catching that. That should read "If you had Risked an Asset, you also mark an additional Asset as Exhausted".

Ahh this is so wonderful! Thank you so much for playing the game and writing about it, it's truly a gift to hear that a game is being played :) I hope it's alright with you if I share this one social media?

Hey! Thanks for the question! My main inspirations are actually cooking manga like "What Did You Eat Yesterday?" (which this game pays homage to in the name) and "Sweetness and Lightning", and also from my own experiences since I'm the primary cook at home and I'm always  thinking and planning what to cook throughout a week, chatting with my wife about her day and adjusting and shifting planned menus around based on how we're both feeling or what needs to get used up soon.

Masak-masak is definitely a part of Malaysian culture, and it's usually a lot more freeform, though my nephews do love looking through cookbooks and pretending to make the meals in them and following some sort of menu since the cookbooks are structured this way (mains, snacks, desserts, drinks etc). It's not dissimilar to "playing house" or just pretending to cook or clean or drive since that's what kids see adults doing :)

I'm actually planning to make one, but I wanted to get the game up first before the end of the year lol

boy bands never lose

Ah thanks for checking out the game! I love what you've done with Two Summers as well! Even though we ended up with different approaches to game formats/mechanics, it's really cool to see your take on themes and ideas that I am in love with also. I'm looking forward to trying out Two Summers too!

Ah thank you so much! I'm glad it went well!

Physical copies are now available through Floating Chair's shop here: :)

 Here, have some morphs.

Hello! If you are based in the US, I am working with Floating Chair Club for US fulfillment so that's probably your best bet to get a physical copy later, as I will be sending them extra copies to cover any damaged/lost copies anyway, so look out for that. If you're based elsewhere, drop me a message or email and I'll let you know what I can do once I confirm fulfillment options where you are.

No worries! I've now uploaded a Straight Version which should make it more readable.

I basically made this because a friend reminded me of the song today! Glad I can pass on the earworm :D

Thanks for reading! I've been slow with updates as I'm also focusing on my game-a-month project, but I plan to keep playtesting and updating as I go. Let me know how it goes if you do get to run it :)

Thank you for checking it out! I'm not sure what your situation is with playing games online etc, but I'd probably look to RPG communities like the Gauntlet or Roll+Bond which are geared towards story games and other indie RPGs. Hope you're able to find a good group to play with :)

Working as intended.

The way the game iterates on Downtime alone warrants the full 5 stars. Really great implementation of FitD mechanics to the mecha genre, with smart design and writing around Faction level play, Downtime and player character Drives.

Thanks for checking out the game :) I really like the setting for Monstress as well and it would work really well with the game, so I'm glad that connection was made.

Thanks! If you do, please let me know how it goes. I want to get some playtesting done over here as well, as I'm unsure of some of the systems and prompts, so any feedback is super appreciated :)

I did a big brainstorming thread ( but still had some leftover titles, so please have at them:

Secondhand Sleuth
In Liars Without Our Eyes We See All
Wachowski Group Theatre Theatre
We Have to Touch for When we Die
Nuts and Donuts is Cancelled
Undercover in a Coma

Blood Dons at the Library
Zombies & Hydro-based "Bad Ideas"
The Dark Lord Stays Silent for the 2nd film

I have to thank you for your questions, they really pushed me to better define what the Circle represents :)

Oh wow, thanks! If it's OK with you could I add it to the page as a PDF download, and if so please let me know how you'd like to be credited :)