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Hey Jupiter! Thank you so much! 

I've come across your channel before during the GDMC competition. Thank you so much for featuring me :D

This looks awesome! I love how the models are looking like in this ascii world...!

Sweet! Simple but effective!

I really like the idea of this..! The cars, scenery and sound match in a very nice way.

My computer was not powerful enough to run it properly though, it was averaging 15 fps on the downloadable version. It must look great on a smooth frame rate!

That's fun! First thing I did was set the bpm to 200 and put some metal on!

my only complaint is that I was not able to get them all headbanging at the same time...! 

They look so cool! I can picture games some of them would fit it just by looking at them. I'll look at the source code later and see if I can do something with it too!

Best game I've tried so far! Great controls, fun gameplay, good use of simple graphics. I hope the game gets polished, expanded, and published somewhere!

Despite the simplicity, I enjoyed playing the game, figuring out patterns to avoid the enemies. Hitboxes are brokenly large, can reduced to half of their sizes. I also enjoyed the music, fitting for the game and very catchy.

This game is so difficult! I gave up on level 2 but enjoyed it overall. Good job!

Interesting game, solid mechanics. Took me a while to figure out the controls but once got to it had a lot of fun trying to explode all the enemies. Good job!

Hey everyone! If you played the submission & would like to try a less broken/better controls version, feel free to download and try a new build at

Thank you!

Thank you for playing our game! ^^

We didn't have time to add something suggesting that you can interact with objects by pressing A, so it is indeed hard to guess. The idea is that you can spend the coins at the city section to advance in the game.

Sorry, we forgot to add controls instructions in-game! ^^"

Press Start to begin the game, then jump with Space, and interact with scenario elements with A