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eee i is god

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just go into the storeroom during the bit where the mansion turns blue

I set up a macro. I have 200 witch bottles.

Should be enough.

uhhh, a bug:
I wake up fire whatever i see blue and i'm like what the fuck Julian and my instinct is to try and go outside so i try and I can't so i go to the kitchen and i go spontaneously (for whatever reason) to the storeroom and then i walk back out and the day is normal and i can use the witch bottle so i do and then i get another witch bottle

So anyway i have 11 witch bottles

that is like telling a poor person on the streets who is hungry to go eat

(2^32 is 4294967296 so if you were on a 32 bit system that makes sense i guess otherwise i got nothing, but 2^64 is 18446744100000000000 roughly so that would overflow too so idk prob just dumb)

val too high, just write 99999

shouldn't red green blue yellow red also be validly incorrect? Neither shouldn't be able to create a double negative for blue here, even though it specifies "not the green apple", as this does not invert blue, because it is referenced in two separate statements. I think. Not not not sure though.

it's a false positive.
Or it thinks it's adware, which most likely means somehow you found a copy ported to an alternate website with adware attached.

you can't so far, you just have to use your heroes.

image refuses to embed
it's in town, when you snatch the pickpocket,

"... or perhaps just a good home. You roll your tongue over "yoru" fangs and consider it..."

Typo, it's spelt your, not yoru.

theoretically it should be easy to de-compile, uses the same app as everything else on here. relation progress is likely just an integer that is checked for when deciding what dialog to play.

mate, you put a space after punctuation. Did you, in all your lunacy, not attend primary school?

eyyy anyone got a cheat engine for this? i'm having trouble pinning down the money val

no, you can. if you were repulsed by it that usually means it was unsuccessful.

that's rare, normally you do have to believe you are being hypnotised to be hypnotised

if you actively thought it wouldn't work it was never going to work

you basically have to do it perfect and get a bit lucky to get super saiyan fast

you'll probably have to see about the modern version of cosmoteer

steam has a bigger audience.

great, but challenge mods are difficult to play as lag sets the whole piece off half a note. also, incorrectly tapped notes after a note that is the same key shouldn't count, otherwise you only get 3 misses, it should just be missing the note or tapping the wrong note not mistiming the note because that's already covered by not tapping on time.

you should've been able to rebind in settings

Seeing as it's free, as long as you make it CLEAR how to find the game / Bunfan Games they wouldn't mind. 1.x.x has several playthroughs. Prob not paid vers. tho, because why buy it if they can just watch someone play it?

it's not restricted to disc, but if it went to steam it would probably get itself a nexus page.
The game has a designated mods folder, why bother with porting it to the workshop?

you did press continue after it, cha?

it mightn't think you are but idk doesn't seem like the og komdog style to do you like that

make sure you put the CHARACTER folder into the mods folder. some mods have multiple.

actually, because of how lines work, a pentagram has 5 corners.

scene viewer counts

i see everyone had the hadron problem, i think a 50/50 go through would be nice

my particles are flinging themselves out of my accelerator at 1000m/s. I need them to be 1200m/s. this is an issue.