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Posted in Bug reports

the planter textures are missing a bottom texture for the dirt layer:


moving forward is slower then strafing and moving forward at the same time. same with sprinting

Replied to dyglas in Bug reports

I had something similar happen. my attack animation got disrupted by the shark breaking the board i stood on. i fell in the water and my spear became unusable. moving it around or even crafting another spear did not help. reloading the game fixed the problem.

Posted in Raft comments
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some minor bugs i encountered:

my spear glitched out when attacking the shark. the platform i was standing on got destroyed while i was doing an attack. that made me fall in the sea and glitched out the spear making it unable to be used. moving the spear to another slot or recrafting it did not solve this issue. restarting the game reset the spear making it usefull again

another minor thing is that the dirtlayer in the tree cropplot and potato cropplot has no bottom texture.

Replied to Itzeima in Raft comments

thanks for that workaround. i have been able to fill in most holes by placing aditional pillars and rotating the floor pieces. after removing the unnessecary pillars the floors stay supported.

Posted in Raft comments
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I have encountered a bug where some floor tiles are marked red altough its within the 3x3 tile area supported by a wooden pillar. is this a know issue?