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Congrats on first in theme!

My game and the second, third, and fourth all have votes under 20, so you're the winner!

This honestly deserved it, the graphics are breathtaking and the music is a jam (or I guess you could call it a game jam)

#1 in theme, but only 10 ratings -_-

Wow, you've rated a ton of games! You're really contributing to this jam.  

Well, here's my game:

Unfortunately, my pc is a mac and I can't play it :(   

but from what I can see, the art is really good! Good luck with development!

Unless you ran into some glitch, you just run over to the next platform right as they switch or stand on the edge of the platforms right as they switch. Thank you for the feedback!


Very funny and well put together not-game! I love all the "there is no game" vibes, and it fits the theme very well.  A solid entry, despite there being no game.

Thanks! I made the style kind of Mario-spinoffy to activate your mario instincts.

Thank you! I'm glad that it had the intended effect.

Thanks! Yes, this is indeed my first unity game... or am I lying  right now, too? 0_o

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Reminds me of the Dreadful Whispers, anyone? 

Also, if you just never stop holding down left click, you can continue using the spotlight after the stamina bar runs out...


I love the concept, reminds me of default dan, the art is pretty great, and it fits the jam theme pretty well.  Good Job!

The start was really good, and reminds me of there is no game

Overall, the graphics were phenomenal, the sound design and music were incredible, the gameplay was juicy and satisfying, the game fit the theme perfectly, and the plot twist at the end almost made me cry.  Going in , I had suspicions that this was just a joke, but after playing this, I can say that this is an incredibly polished and well-made game, and is easily one of the best entries I've seen so far in this jam. 10/10.

Nice game! I found this from Markiplier's playthrough.

I suggest that you build off of the original Unity tutorial more, like adding a combat system or something, to make it really different from the tutorial.

The art is amazing, the grey dude is very cute, and the combat is juicy. Overall, an amazing game, despite it being unfinished!


  • not sure how this fits in with the theme of the jam
  • invincibility frames would've been nice, as most of the time I just got rammed several times really quickly and died instantly, rendering the 3 hit points useless, unless this wasn't added due to your lack of time

Anyways, have an above average day!

Very nice art and music.  The level design is pretty clever, although i'm not sure how the game fits in with the theme of the jam.

Truly the best cover image so far in this jam.

step 1: begin the game 

 step 2: hold y and z

ears successfully demolished.

what you think

The visual style is quite unique as through many underlaying themes is a baffling yet effective communication media as of late.