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If you do not feel satisfied with the game's current framework , perhaps you will not be as motivated to build new content.   But I hope fixing it does not take long ;).

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What a fun game!  I enjoyed it a lot!  Good work!

Truly addictive and fun!

Lack of time and puzzle games usually do not take a hold of me for long!  But your game got my attention for far longer than usual. 

Thank you!

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Thank you! I think the cats will shoot each other if I give them guns!  The characters are based on our real cats and I know they would. ;)

Great music!  Fun game. Liked the graphics.   Could not escape from the thief once in the backyard!  I have to be faster getting that yellow key.  :-D  

A great example of an entertaining game having simple, pleasant graphics. The sound effects are great. I specially liked the  "explosion" effect when opening a chest.  

If you have the time you could add the background story of the game to explain its relationship with the theme of the jam. 

This was something else ... I found the concept very interesting.  The graphics and music did a good job in setting the atmosphere.  

The puzzles were challenging. I solved 5 or 6.  But the most interesting feature was how the goal of the puzzles and the longing of the player seem to be connected.

Good job!

I liked the running animation a lot! The fast pace was a good idea.  Sound would have made it more immersive.  Should all objects be avoided?

Did not get far even after a lot of attempts! :-D   I admire the fact you did everything, including the voices, right?  The lovely graphic's style reminds me of a few games I did with my daughter when she was a toddler.  I took her drawings into a very old version of GameMaker (3.x?) and tried to convert her ideas into games.  Good times. ;)

Thanks for trying it out! The energy levels of the cats decreases each time they touch the burglars, but only when they engage them by pushing or jumping.  If they stay idle there is no loss of energy.  When their energy reaches 0% they take a nap for a few seconds and then they are ready again at 100%. 

Liked the concept a lot.  I did not heard sounds. I think adding sound for the scissors will amplify the fun.

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What a nice game! I got stuck in the gears and could not get out!  :-D  Very creative use of the theme.

Thank you very much!

Thank you! :)

Thank you so much! Glad it caused an impression! ;)

Thank you for the suggestion! I will explore your idea.

I will think about the respawning, although the scarcity adds to the challenge.  I  was imagining 5 stages, if I could make them interesting.

I liked GDevelop a lot.  I am a long time user of Gamemaker (since the 90's) , but I think I will try GDevelop for my next projects, specially for web games.

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Thank you!  I will try your suggestion about the character's movement. 

Using desktop. It works in Firefox for me.  Thank you!

Could not play it.  It tries loading but fails with this message (Chrome 70):

Great graphics, sound and game play!  

Loved the retro Atari graphics! 

Thank you!

:-D Thank you!

Very entertaining! Loved the graphics and the simple interactions.

Thanks for trying the game! 

 We tested a lot of score combinations to avoid cheating the game by staying in one size or hitting all platforms.  Some combinations allowed us to win but not easily.  Did not have much time to fully test the last version. 

It was really fun making it and playing it.