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Edwin Baranov

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Welcome to downtown LA.

This is a great game that perfectly matches the theme and has very good controls, even for keyboard usage.

sorry, I'm using a PS4 controller so it wasnt working. I'm using DS4Window and it works now

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hmm, It still isn't letting me do anything. I am however using a PS4 controller connected by usb so that may be the issue. I thought that unreal listened to both xinput and directinput

Edit: so I downloaded DS4Window to make it look like an xbox 360 controller and it worked just fine

Unfortunatly the VR plugins are still enabled on this project, so I am unable to use the controller since it links to SteamVR

If I close SteamVR it closes the game despite not having anything to do with it

What are the controls? I have my controller plugged in yet it's not responding

I'm in the same boat my game required a bunch of doorway portals and windows and I was unable to finish, let alone optimize

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It it just says Unreal Engine encountered a fatal error whenever I run your game, that's it

you forgot to mention that c changes your character

That zoom shot when your camera hits a wall

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I loved it, shame it couldn't be finished but the mechanic is spot on. I am curious how you made the viewer, a scene renderer at camera location and rotation maybe with different channels. definitely better than my unfinished game

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Nice, was able to try and play it and it worked.

Only thing I noticed is if you move your head around too much you start to see a noticeable drop in fps. Still for a game jam, Top Notch

Aww when I try to run it I get a fatal error.

Shucks I saw your game being developed in Discord and I wanted to try it

Optimization is hard