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We have been planning to add DLC to our game for quite awhile, and I was pleased when I checked last month to find the page about sub-products and DLC: ....but I'm a bit unclear on how to get started with that. That page says to create a sub-product/DLC, but when I go to creatre a new product in my account, I don't see any options for that. Is that avaiable now and I'm just missing it, or is it not yet fully launched? If the latter, would it be possible for us to get early access to it?


great, thank you!

We've got a couple payouts that have been in review for quite awhile -- 41 days and 13 days. I emailed support earlier this week, no response yet. Could someone at check those to see what's holding them up?



you can go here to have the purchase email sent again -- though it'll still go to your mom, we can't change that:

So far, about 1.5% of players are having trouble installing/running the game. You see their reports here, but you don't see reports from the vast majority of players for whom it's working just fine. So it will most likely work fine for you.

I don't know what exactly you are seeing, so hard to say. You shouldn't need to uninstall antivirus, but I suppose it depends on which antivirus you have, what settings it has, etc.

yes, can you login as the manager of the computer? That shouldn't be necessary, but this error is peculiar and so that's the first thing to try.

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Sorry that you are disappointed. You do need to earn some XP before you can get a mate -- that is simply so you learn how to hunt elk, which you'll need to do throughout the game. You don't need XP for anything after that (unless you want to unlock special things like the fourth den). MP lag does seem worse today than earlier in the week, and we're looking into it.

If you'd like a refund, please send an email to with the email address you used to purchase the game, and your game username.

First, did you drag the WolfQuest game into the Applications (or another) folder? It won't run while in the "WolfQuest Mac.dmg" folder that you downloaded.

If you've done that and it still crashes, please send a report to describing the problem, and include the player log. To get it, search for the Console app on your computer, and launch it. Then in the left sidebar, look for FILES/~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log. Open that log, and copy the entire log into a text file or the email itself.

The game should run on XP but you'd need upgraded hardware--it won't run on 2005 hardware. What is your computer CPU, RAM, and graphics card?

Looks like an issue with the file path, possibly caused by the numbers in your username. Can you login as a different user and try installing it?

you need to earn a lot of XP before you'll meet potential mates.

You get the key on your download page.

Contact support about that. We don't have any control over payment options.

Sorry about the trouble you're having. Could you send an email to with that information, and a screenshot of your "WolfQuest" folder on your computer? It's very odd that that folder is missing.

Or you could try downloading the WolfQuest Setup file again and running it, in case somehow the installation process failed.

Sorry about the trouble you're having. We've not seen that error before, and it's puzzilng. Could you send that error, along with which version of Windows you're using, and the output log (in "WolfQuest_Data") to and we'll try to get you a solution.

send a description of exactly what happens to It helps a lot to include the output log, which on Windows is in the "WolfQuest_Data" folder. (Trickier to find on Mac, but I can give directions if you need it.)

We had quite a lot of trouble with rude behavior in the old game's chat, so for now at least, we are restricting text chat to private games. I know that's not ideal. But for now, that's how it is. Might change in the future.

That must be a standard antivirus warning. No worries, both the free trial and the game are safe to install. Click the button to proceed with the download.

Confirmation email should arrive within a few minutes. Send an email to with your username and we can activate it manually.

They get squirmy when you carry them, and you get too tired to carry them, so you have to put them down. You need to *lead* them to the rendezvous site, not simply carry them.

I sent you an email.

Go here to have the purchase email sent again (recover purchase):

Sorry that you're having trouble! Please send a description of the problem and the output_log file (in "WolfQuest_Data" folder) to and we'll see if we can figure it out.

a few people have reported that, and this should fix it: With the game running, press ctrl - alt - delete, which opens the task manager. Don't click any buttons in the task manager, just go back to the game, and the title screen should appear properly. (We're trying to figure out why that's happening in the first place, so we can prevent it.)

We've considered it but would need to set up a proper reporting/banning system first. So...maybe.

Try using the space at to eat carcasses. We've never seen a problem with dead elk appearing to be alive still. We Are looking into adding functionality to the in-game messaging

Try typing it instead of copy-pasting it. Sometimes that works better.

Send a bug report to and attach the output log (in the "Wolfquest_Data" folder

You definitely don't need to download it each time!

On Windows, the game should be installed here:

C:\Users\[YourUserAccount]\Documents\My Games\WolfQuest\

On Macs, it should be in the Applications folder.

If you can find it, then you might want to make a shortcut/alias and put it on your desktop for easier access.

Did you see the game download (those progress bars slowly fill up)? If not, it sounds like the connection failed. Did you try quitting and restarting the game launcher? Some people have reported it takes a few times (and sometimes a few tries at installing the launcher) before it works.

In that text field, type in the date of the month that you were born (like: 22).

It's on your download page -- click the link the purchase email that you received to go to that page and get the key.