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Wow, GREAT set of animations, including ladder climb, one usually forgotten movement. Thank you!!!

P.S.: No ladder climb for fire sword??

Muchas gracias por la actualización. Espero que sigas trabajando en este proyecto, porque me parece muy interesante. ¡Saludos!

Hello! Is it possible to add ladder up/down movements? I think these movements are very important. Thank you!

Inmediately purchased! Thank you! ;)

Great assets! Just purchased! Thank you!

Great update, as always. Thank you! :)

Superb pack! Congrats!

Maybe swimming? ;P

No jumping animation? :(

Thank you very much, as always!! :)

Great amount of animations and very well done! Thank you!

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Thank you very much for this new update!!! Your designs are amazing!!

Superb! Thank you very much!

Muchas gracias. ¿Tienes pensado ir actualizando el engine con más cosas?


Thank you very much! This is superb! ;)

Amazing quality and amount of animations! Just purchased! :)

Fantástico enemigo. Lo compraré si algún día está rebajado, porque 18€ me parece un poco excesivo, la verdad. Saludos.

Genial, eso sería fantástico. Lo compraré cuando esté incluida. ¡Gracias! :)

Fantástico trabajo, ¡enhorabuena! Es una pena que no esté incluida la animación de subir/bajar escaleras. Mi opinión es que es muy importante para cualquier personaje, pero casi nunca se incluye. Lástima :(

Amazing as usual. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!!

I miss jumping animation ;)


Thank you very much! :)

Superb update! I will use this in the future... for sure! Thank you!

Thanks to you for making this! Regards! 

Hello! Very great shoot'em up! I enjoyed it a lot.

This is superb! I miss ladder up/down animations in all your elementals warriors :(

Maybe you can add them? Thank you!

Great! Thank you! :)

Amazing pack. I will purchase this...

Maybe could you add shoot'em up animated items like B (bomb), P (power), S (speed), etc.? That will be perfect! 

Thank you very much!

¡Muchísimas gracias! ;)

Hi there! Would it possible to contact with you? I would like to make you a proposal. Thank you very much!


All your effects are superb! Congratulations!

Thank you very much!! I will purchase your asset :)

I purchased both assets, thank you! :)

This is great, I see arcade sticks included, so I will purchase it. But I miss arcade buttons. Can you please include these? Thank you very much!!

Thank you VERY much!! :)

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Great! Thank you very much for the version 1.4 update. Power ups icons and animated  proyectiles are what I needed :)

Superb effects, as usual. Thank you!

Superb! Thank you very much! :)