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A member registered Apr 10, 2016

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¡Muchísimas gracias! ;)

Hi there! Would it possible to contact with you? I would like to make you a proposal. Thank you very much!


All your effects are superb! Congratulations!

Thank you very much!! I will purchase your asset :)

I purchased both assets, thank you! :)

This is great, I see arcade sticks included, so I will purchase it. But I miss arcade buttons. Can you please include these? Thank you very much!!

Thank you VERY much!! :)

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Great! Thank you very much for the version 1.4 update. Power ups icons and animated  proyectiles are what I needed :)

Superb effects, as usual. Thank you!

Superb! Thank you very much! :)

Great set of animations. Similar of amazing Ninja-Kid II. Please can you add weapon throw animation?? (shurikens, bombs, etc.). Then I will purchase it. Thank you!

Really superb! Thank you!

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Thank you very much! It looks very nice :)

Great amount of animations! Thank you!

Thank you VERY much for the climbing ladders animation update!!!! I will use this sprites as the hero of my game :)

Great, thank you very much! It will be a VERY complete set of animations :)

Thank you very much! :)

Hello! Great quality animations. I miss ladder up/down movements. Thank you!

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Amazing amount of movements. I was waiting for something like this. Purchased! :)

Maybe ladder up/down and swimming movements as an upgrade?

Thank you!

Thank you very much! It would be perfect if you could make ladder up and down movements. I always miss this movement. Maybe in paid pack? Thank you

Thank you very much! I love your effects :)

Yes, Speed, Weapon Upgrade, Weapon Change, Bomb, etc. Regards

Great ships, so just purchased! :) I hope you can make more ships with animations, and also animated power-ups. Thank you!

Great work! Thank you!! :)

Superb! Thank you very much! :)

Thank you very much for the update! Your assets are superb! :)

Hello! I've just purchased this pack. Please I need PNG spritesheets, as I use Game Maker Studio 2. I wrote you an e-mail.

Thank you very much!

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Thank you! I will purchase it when it is done! ;)

This is amazing! But I miss jumping movement. If not, I can't use it as a character in my game...

Hello! I purchased this pack 141 days ago, but I hace no access to the updates. It is possible to get them paying a little more? How can I access to the updates? Thank you!

Great! Thank you! :)

Hello. E-mail received! Thank you very much, your assets are amazing!

Regards :)

Hello! I've just purchased the pack. I only see Unity package, but I use Game Maker Studio 2. Do you have PNG spritesheets of the assets?

Thank you!

This is superb! Purchased! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Great character! Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!! :)

Thank you very much! This is perfect for my shmup! :)