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On the Itch app I see to options for RetroArch on Windows (64-bit):

  1. RetroArch Windows
  2. RetroArch Windows Cores

I’m a little bit confused on which option I should install. The reason been is that it seems like I’m only able to install one option.

Any help would gladly be appreciated :)

That’s great to hear! Have a wonderful week =D

This is quite a fun game! I was looking for a Higher/Lower game to test my knowledge and I’m pleased to say that this is the one for me! Thank you!

This is a fun game! I’ve got a feature request: can you enable keyboard/keypad input? It’s a bit tiring to click the entire time at the moment.

Hey there!

This is a cool game! I’ve got a few suggestions to make it even more cooler:

  1. How about adding an interactive variable to control the movement speed. That way players may move quicker around the maze without the need to having to wait for a long time just to try a different path.
  2. A feature that allows the player to “jump” to the corner on single tapping.
  3. A way to zoom in with the scroll wheel and pan through the maze.

Thanks a lot! 😁

Good day.

I’ve been trying to find a new game to play today, and decided to browse for games in each of the available genres. However, I keep seeing adult (18+, NSFW) games.. Is there a way to filter them from my search as I’m not 18+ yet?

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Hey there! I’ve just installed this game on my laptop and it seems to be lagging/freezing for some odd reason. The music and clicking sound is playing, however the “Quick help” window isn’t closing when I tap “Close window” (or “Quit game”).

None of the buttons (play/pause, rule designer, etc.) aren’t responsive when I click. Whenever I click my left mouse button in the window, I hear a “ping” noise.

  • OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 @ 1.60GHz
  • GPU: Intel Graphics HD
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Memory: 300GB

I’m struggling to download the game… The app doesn’t show the .zip file…

This is really a fun game 😃 I enjoy the game’s art style and interface! It really made me laugh at times and made time pass by quickly!

This is a really fun game!! I'd rate it 4/5 stars mainly because the citrons spawn a bit too much too quickly... However, game play is very simple and the game's style is quite appealing! I'd like to see a few more things though:

  • More maps/scenes. This will make the game more strategic and fun!
  • A system to upgrade guns. Just as a little mix of creativity ;) Maybe a machine-like gun can be the ultimate upgradable gun, or maybe more bullets.
  • Boss fights, maybe after killing X amount of citrons, the "citron boss" will come out to attack

I had really had a fun time playing this game =D

Hey there! Me and my parents love this game and we'd like to see a version for Windows 10, if it is possible :)

The graphics in this game is quite pleasing to the eye and it's simple design makes it really fun and enjoyable :D