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Yeah I agree, it would definitely benefit from more commands. There are ways to make the driver happy, you just need to figure them out :)

Oh yeah :)


Great vid! Thanks for playing the game :)


How could they possibly be upset with that? :D

Hi guys!

I just uploaded a stealthy shopping game I made during Pirate Jam on the theme of 'Uncertainty'.

You're in a bit of a pickle. It's your friend's birthday tomorrow and you didn't buy them anything yet. Not only that, but you don't even know what they want! As a last resort, you decide to take them shopping to a notorious flea market with all manner of peculiar oddities.

Listen to your friend's comments to find out what they're interested in. Call them over to look at an item, then while they are distracted use this opportunity to buy them something secretly. But watch out - take too long and the other shoppers will buy all the good stuff themselves!

Download: Sloppy Shopping Itch Page

This is absolutely awesome. Totally could be made into a bigger game. 

Haha, noted! Thanks for the video too, hilarious stuff!

Woah, rookie mistake! Thanks for the heads up, corrected now :)

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Hi guys

Just came back from Pirate Jam ( and wanted to share the game I made. The theme was 'intervention', so I ended up making a game about yelling instructions as a backseat driver :). You're goal is to escape a town that's being invaded by giant mutant farmyard animals, and the only thing you can do is communicate to the driver (by typing) to try and get them to go in the right direction. But yell at them too much and they might start ignoring you!

Download for free on PC or Mac here:

Any feedback would be much appreciated, if the idea is popular then I might end up extending it



Smart, enjoyable and totally hilarious. Well worth a look!

Hi, sorry to hear that, could you give some more information about the issue so I can figure out what happened? How many days did you have left, and which island were you on?

Featured in PC Gamer's free games of the week:

Thanks for you kind comments, I appreciate it :)

Featured in Geek Squad's top free games of March!

Thanks for trying out the game and for your kind words! I'm glad most of the message of the game came through. I have no plans to extend it right now as I have another game I need to finish first.

One thing I should mention is that your comment should probably have a SPOILER ALERT put on it so people know not to read it or watch the video it if they want to experience the story themselves.

Thanks again!

Featured on Free Game Planet!

An adventure game about a retired pirate where you explore a series of mysterious islands in search of a secret stash of treasure you hid long ago.

As you play, your knowledge and experience increase as you gradually learn the secrets of each island. But each time you fail and retry your quest, you will be older and weaker, and less able to navigate across the dangerous sea.

Manage your resources, trade wisely and choose your path carefully to stay afloat long enough to find the hidden treasure.

Developed during Pirate Jam 2017 on the theme of impermanence.

Follow @edform for more info on new releases.