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Edgy Platypus

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Terminamos o jogo! Aqui nossa página na jam: https://itch.io/jam/gbjam-5/rate/90238 =D

Esperamos trabalhar com vc de novo em outros projetos no futuro!

PAPR Boy is out right now!


Tell us what you think about the game! =D

Ei cara, consegui uma outra pessoa pra fazer os SFX aqui já!

Mas valeu demais pela música! =D


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Ei Pazuzu, fizemos a listinha de SFX aqui:

- Som pra quando ele encosta na parede e troca de lado

- Som pra morte

- Som pro pulo

- Som do trampolim

- Som de ativação da alavanca

- Som do inimigo pulando

- Som de vitória

Aqui um album no imgur com gifs de cada uma dessas coisas: Album

Se estiver muito agarrado ai e não der pra fazer, é só avisar! =D

Valeu demais cara!

Some cool new things for today's update!

Wow, seven days already, time goes fast! haha

We now have moving platforms and an basic type of enemy! And we've already made some progress in the level design as you can see in the video above! ^^

Carlos Pazuzu made an awesome music for us! Check out his work on Soundcloud!

Thanks Lemth!

We already have some other tiles for walls and we are working on some variations for the background, too! Thanks for the feedback! =D

Hello anarbitrarymustache!

We are using GIF cam to capture gifs of our project, you can download it Here! =D

Today we made some more art for the game and included the bounce platforms! Besides that, now we have a pixel perfect camera! =D

Now we are going full steam ahead with the level design!

This is the king! He's who sends Papr Boy on his journey!

See ya! =D


Gostamos demais da musica, cara! Vamos fazer a listinha de SFX aqui! =D


I love Link's Awakening! Your game is looking really good, I like procedural generation. I'm looking forward to play it in the end!

Thanks! =D


For today's update, we've got some new art for the game and implemented a new mechanic with levers and doors. Now we are going to add some bounce platforms and work on the level design, besides more art. We want to submit the game with as many levels as we can!

Stay tuned! =D

Valeu demais, cara! Aheuaheuahe


Acabei descobrindo que você é brasileiro também! hahaha

Hey pazuzu!

We are working on a platformer where you play as a messenger who needs to tell the hero that the princess was kidnapped. We would love if you could join us!

Here is our progress thread: PROGRESS

You can reach me on twitter, too: @Luckasa02

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The game is finished! We didn't make many stages for the jam, but we're going to make some new stages in the next days!

You can download it HERE

Hey guys!

This is our second jam together and we are working on a little game called PAPR BOY (PAPR is short for Puzzle Action Platformer Runner :P)

You are a messenger and must reach the hero to warn him that the princess was kidnapped. In order to do that, you must survive the many dangers and pitfalls to be able to carry the message to its destination.

It's basically a sidescroller platformer where your character is always running and you play with only 1 button to jump. Whenever you hit a wall, you change direction.

We are using GameMaker Studio and the basic gameplay is working already! We will be posting our progress on this thread everyday, so stay tuned! hahaha

Good night! =D