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Omg only now I saw ur comment, I am a huge fan of your work! Thank you so much! <3

Wow that's so cool! I want to make an archer, maybe one day it will come hahaaha

But the edit looks really awesome!

Yes I do! I wanted to make a lot of tools/character creators, but the time is short so I cannot promise :)

Really nice!


Thank you! Who knows? maybe some day :)

Thank you!


Thank you so much <3

Hi! At the time that I made this asset I used unity engine, but today I really recomend Godot, you can find some tutorials on youtube is super easy! For an non-code engine there's also gdevelop!


Thank you <3

Thank you very much :)

Cute <3

The way I created this generator is very difficult to create new animations, because the final sprite size is already set, but I will take note in case I make future updates :)


Sorry for taking so long, yes of course you can use!

Sorry for taking so long to reply, I didn't actually use any cc-by license because I don't feel like these license encompasses the way assets in games or projects works, instead you can see the license here:

In the full license you can see that you can use these sprites in open source projects with no problem! But, if this license have some kind of legal problem please let me know, I'm not an experd on this :)

No, if you have any questions you can read the license here:

You mean remove the weapon? thanks!

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Your project looks so amazing!

Hey thank you for the invite! I submited my pixel art forest :)

Yes! :)

Thank you!

Thank you! :) Yes I'm planning, don't know when though.

Thank you! Yeah, the idea is that I will add more, but I will not promise anything because I don't know when.

Nice! thank you! <3

In case later subscriptions are being taken :)

Thank you! really cool game! :)

Really clever and nice game :)


Hey! Yes you can edit whatever you want and use in commercial projects :)

Hi! Yes you can use :)

Thank you <3

Thank you <3

Wow, it looks awesome! :)

You mean the youtube video? I don't remember honestly... It's just and CCO audio...

Thank you! :) your game looks very awesome :)

Olá! não sei escrever em espanhol :( mas pode sim usar em seu jogo! <3