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Thanks :)

Cool video :)

1. This is a thing with the Game Maker Engine, in Unity I have to config the sprites to look pixelated, otherwise would look blurry, so maybe its the same thing with Game Maker.

2. Yes you can use free and commercial!

I don't have any "Zen" background, sorry :(

Thanks! :)

Hi, yes you can use with Game Maker, I didn't tried but this package and the other ones isnt made with an specific engine, you can use in any engine you like :)

Hi, thank you very much :)
Unfortunately I'm not making any new assets for now, I don't have any castles or buildings :(

Hi, sorry for being late, yes you can add to Unity, and I use multiple game objects but it's only for demo purposes, I don't really know which one is the better option.

Thanks :)

Thank you! Glad you like it :)

Yes it is :)

You can use of course! :)

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Hi, yes you can use in commercial purpose! but you need to credit me! Also thanks for the tip, I will update the txt file and add the info on as soon as possible!


Hauahahahahah quando vi seu nome "Lagarto" pensei nisso, enfim boa sorte, você pode usar esse plano de fundo inclusive em projeto comercial sem problemas caso você queira :)

Yes of course, you can :)

Olá! Bah assim não tenho :/ tenho apenas andando, correndo, pulando, parado, tudo de lado, não de frente. :(

I mean a link to my website or just my name, sorry for the confusion, english is not my first language :)

Well it depends which engine you are using.

Thanks! :)

Hi, yes you can use :) but please consider crediting me :)

Hi, can you send me an email? send the details to or


Olá! Muito obrigado! sim eu tenho alguns personagens que vem no pack "Pixel Art Infinite Runner", eles são bem simples. :)

Hi, yes you can download for free, and yes you can use commercially!

To download for Free just put 0 usd and download the file!

Hi, yes you can download for free, and yes you can use commercially!

To download for Free just put 0 usd and download the file!

Hey thank you! that's fine I'm from Brazil, english is not my first language.

Hi thank you for crediting me <3

I played your game, it's very good, congrats!

Yes of course, you can modify whatever you want and use in any game, even commercial. The only thing that you can't do it's redistribute the asset. :)

Hi, I use Photoshop!

Thank you!

Yes you can, but I don't have the sprite, just that gif...

Thank you :)

Yes you can :)

Yes haha, Eyvind Earle is my favorite artist ever, glad that you notice :)

Yes of course, you can use even in commercial work!

Thank you!

Hi, of course you can! my twitter is: You can use in commercial games too.

This sounds great to me! I send you an email.

Oh right, yes you can. :)

Hi, sorry I don't understand what did you mean, what demo? If you buy the asset you can use commercially or whatever you want, or you can download the free ones and you can also use commercially.


Yes you can use on commercial use, and thanks for credit me!

Hi, I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply, about that... I design this background for a infinite runner game, so I do not made a tile set. Right now I'm very busy, but maybe in the future I can made tilesets for this pack!

Yes you can, I would love to be credited!

Thank you!