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No, if you have any questions you can read the license here:

You mean remove the weapon? thanks!

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Your project looks so amazing!

Hey thank you for the invite! I submited my pixel art forest :)

Yes! :)

Thank you!

Thank you! :) Yes I'm planning, don't know when though.

Thank you! Yeah, the idea is that I will add more, but I will not promise anything because I don't know when.

Nice! thank you! <3

In case later subscriptions are being taken :)

Thank you! really cool game! :)

Really clever and nice game :)


Hey! Yes you can edit whatever you want and use in commercial projects :)

Hi! Yes you can use :)

Thank you <3

Thank you <3

Wow, it looks awesome! :)

You mean the youtube video? I don't remember honestly... It's just and CCO audio...

Thank you! :) your game looks very awesome :)

Olá! não sei escrever em espanhol :( mas pode sim usar em seu jogo! <3

Hi! Thank you very much! I don't have any tutorial :( you are the first person to ask if I do have an patreon account, unfortunately I don't have, but I'm planning to do maybe an ko-fi with montly rewards... I just need time hahaah

Thank you! <3

OMG that's so smart, thank you <3 <3 <3

Just to be clear, I'm not anti-open source, I actually love open source projects,  the reason that my paid assets can't be used open source games is that the the raw asset is avaiable to anyone, and can be considered redistribute the files, which is against most licenses that I saw.

Wich that In mind, I'm considering pulling this from the license, because maybe that's discouraging people to using open source projects, I will reply to you if anything change.

Thank you for your response.


You can check the license right here:

reply if you have any question :)

aaaaaaaaa que maravilhoso <3

Hi! Thanks! I just update the asset, and added the license.txt that contains all info needed :)

Thank you! <3

Thank you very much for your help! Just updated the asset. I do have some problems with english hahaha

Thank you! :)

It looks beautiful! :)

Thank you! <3 yes of course I don't mind! :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you! :)

Really cool! :)

I would love to play haha

Thaaaanks! :)