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Hello, has this game been abandoned? It's unfortunate that we can't download it for PC, as playing it in a web browser can be less convenient.


Is this a demo or full game (in Early Access) ?

Are you going to sell it on Steam or other plateform when it's finished?

Hello there!
I need your help as I can't use GMLive since I bought it.

If I had bought it directly from yoyo marketplace, would it have been installed automatically or would I have had the same problem as now?

As I can't install and use GMLive since I bought it on, I was considering buying it directly from Yoyo Markerplace hoping that this time I'll be able to install it without difficulties but if the result is the same, I'll have to find help to make GMLive work.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience but I'm just a newbie.

The explanation in the documentation seems solid but I can't reproduce what is asked for various reasons

Unfortunately for us, I'm afraid they didn't get our message here, and the message I sent them directly via their site didn't get a response either.

So I'm stuck without being able to play the rest of the game.....

The game has other bugs but the one related to saving is the most disabling and the most urgent to fix.

As I am not the only one in this situation, it is even more urgent to fix it because it prevents us from playing the game we bought....


I bought both your games on Nintendo Switch as soon as they were released.

However, the second episode does not work well. There are some bugs with the lights that sometimes don't turn on when you do some manipulations. The biggest problem I encountered occurs when I load a save, my character stays still and the buttons don't work.

All of the saves I tested seem to be affected by this problem.

The only time the game "works" is on the title screen, where I can choose options and load one of the saves.

I could restart the game, but if the problem hasn't been fixed, every time I go to save, it will reoccur and I'll be in the same situation.

Are you aware of this problem and will you solve it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

In this video the IC4DESIGN team are playing the Labyrinth City on Nintendo Switch!

Awesome! I don't want to try to spoil the game yet, but I hope it will be released on Nintendo Switch ASAP.

I haven't had the change to make it works yet but I'll be patient and wait for the downloadble version. I'm also using GMS2 so I'm glad we can make such beautiful game on this game engine. Most of devs use Unity or Unreal so I was happy to know you used GMS2. :)

For an unknown reason I can't download nor play the game. It looks great anyway! Did you create it with Unity or GMS2?

That's great to hear. I personnaly use GameMaker Studio 2, but I love Unity as well. Nevertheless, I was told Unity is good for 3D games and GMS2 for 2D pixel art games.

That's awesome! You're talented at creating characters sprites. Which software do you use? Pro Motion Ng? Pyxel Edit? Aseprite? Windows Paint? Anyway, you're doing a very nice job and I'd be not surprised if you created your own game on Unity or  GameMaker Studio 2, using your own sprites.

I know, it's not free to publish your game on Steam (about $100 from what I heard) and it's probably worst when you want to publish them on console like Nintendo Switch and PS4. Anyway, your game is awesome, I can't help thinking of it lately. Did you do it alone? I know how hard is it to make a game on your own...

Hello! Sounds great. I'll probably buy it on Switch. When will it be released on Switch? Did you create the game with GameMaker Studio 2? Thanks

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N𝕠ᴡ, I ĸ𝕟oա wႹ𝕠 ᴡ𝕣otᴇ  𝕥һe Ꭱ𝕒ᴍꜱ𝕠м ʟ𝕖𝕥t℮r!

ᛏᏂᴀոᴋ 𝕪oᥙ!

Thank you for your prompt reply. I want to support you. I'm pretty new on, I usually buy my game on Steam or GOG but I did buy some assets on If I buy your game, will it works as standalone or do I have to download a program to make it works? Also, what engine did you use to create your game? GameMaker Studio 2? Your handmade engine? Thanks

Hello there!

I played your game on Newgrounds and was wondering how different this one is. Is it the same game with more features? A sequel? I really enjoyed the first game anyway. BTW, was it made with GMS2?