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Really refreshing game. 

Good work. Nice polish on the art and the mechanic feels intuitive 

The art looks good and I like the initial camera setup 

I like the story developing but the font and the simple silhouette really threw me off. I think if you get the mood right with the story, things would come together better. 

I tested things out and was really lost at first but began to get it eventually. once I started to feel the controls I thought there could be a fun game there. I think you can explain the way the controls work better and maybe an event that explained gravity shifting so the player can  see the physical change. I'd imagine the camera zooming out to see things rotate or something. 

One of the first game's I've played today that had a decent premise and i could control. Some polish and this could be a good game!

Steve buscemi ha ha!

play the game here

Oh, no trials is a motocross game that is really popular. It was a big inspiration for Hippy Skate so I was wondering what you thought about that type of game

Hi Eyon, thanks for the feedback. Have you played the game Trials?

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This game is just the beginning to the story although it averages 1.5 - 2 hrs game play. I'm a solo indie developer and need a lot of support so I appreciate you talking a look here

also would be cool if you followed on Twitter for updates