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This was surprisingly tactical. Several times I was able to win no matter what number came up. Brilliant!

After playing the game and pressing the "replay" button, the game froze in full-screen and I had to restart my computer. :C

I'm currently stuck on the level with three low-pass filters. Anyone have any hints for this?

I'm finding it somewhat difficult on my screen to tell the difference between the four colours (including grey). Is there any chance of you making the diamonds larger, or giving an option to bump up the saturation, perhaps?

Ah, alright. I'm really used to undo being Z in such games; didn't think to try Backspace. And do feel free to send me a new build.

This should be standard for all games of this sort by now.
(Also, make sure you tell the player that they need to hold down SHIFT to extend. Took me quite a while to work that out.)

Anyone have any idea where the "secret place" is?

Besides what Devil's Garage said, I encountered a bug in which I was unable to place down any new structures, because the game seemed to think I was trying to place down a bridge no matter what I had in my inventory. Yes, I tried pressing E; that only brought up the build menu. Selecting another structure to build would give me both a transparent red bridge and a transparent red version of that structure.

Also a little annoying was the fact that sometimes, the cursor wouldn't snap to where I wanted it to be. As well as the odd bug that sometimes, I would be unable to place a bridge on water, even when the ghost silhouette was exactly where I wanted it.

Oh, and I can somehow place bridges on land?