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I have recently purchased several tools as gifts, and would like to generate an invoice for them.

I can get an invoice for products I purchased for myself by going to My Library -> My Purchases -> Download -> More -> Invoice. However, none of my gifts are listed on the My Purchases page. Is there a way to get an invoice for these gift purchases?

Thanks for the feedback! These are all good suggestions for improvements to make if we ever have time to expand on this game.

It's always helpful to see someone react to a game for the first time and find out what works and what doesn't; so I really appreciate this video.

I hadn't heard of that game before, but I can definitely see the similarity in the trailer.

That's definitely a problem I'd try to solve if expanding it. It might work to change "one pixel" to "one shape" to provide an alternative indicator there, but I'd have to test to know for sure.

I'm interested in trying to play this game, but there doesn't seem to be a download anymore. Are you working to reupload?

Game made in one pixel, currently at 8 ratings:

Is there a minimum number of ratings needed for rankings? I hadn't seen that mentioned anywhere.

I confused the color guide on the very bottom for the bar and spent a few attempts trying to change it; you should probably move that to the side or something. The game was pretty fun once I got into it, the timings felt good, but it could really use some better explanation to reduce friction.