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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

AWESOME! Nostalgia for old-school point and click games is a big thing for us too. Glad you had fun!

Playtime is typically around 15 minutes, though a lot of it depends on the player!

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Hey everyone,

My partner and I just finished Cozy, our first collaborative effort. The game is a pixel-art horror point-and-click (what a niche) with an emphasis on atmosphere and how the player's environment influences their mood.

We aimed to make a game which started mundane and relaxed, and escalated in tension steadily as play progressed. The goal was to frighten and unnerve our players, without relying on sudden loud noises in place of actual suspense. As far as the plot goes, I'll leave that to the game page, but we don't want to spoil anything in summaries and screenshots.

Hey spooksters,

One of the devs behind Cozy here. Looking forward to spending Halloween night playing a bunch of different horror games. Just wanted to make a thread talking about any lessons learned about horror, pixel-art, game development, or anything else during this jam.

For our project, we had originally planned to tell an elaborate story to explain the mystery in our horror game. However, as we worked on the game, we found it increasingly unlikely that we would tell a complicated story coherently within a 15 minute game without adding a bunch of boring info-dumps. Ultimately, I think avoiding explaining the horror worked to our benefit. We not only simplified the plot a great deal, we left more things ambiguous which I think created a better sense of tension and uncertainty.

Beyond that, I learned a lot about how the hell to use GraphicsGale for pixel art.