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Thank you, we really appreciate it!

Oh yeah, I'm not going to double dip on you! :-)

Steam's been going through some changes and I'm thinking about waiting to see how the dust settles. It's certainly been a learning experience!

Thank you for posting! We will continue to work on this and plan to have a free update including new content later this year. Look for smaller bug fixes incrementally. I'll check out those candles, at least they don't hit back! Wait, that gives me an idea...

This game lets you punch missiles and other airborne (and non-airborne) objects using your cockpit-fist. As you do. 11/10 would punch again!

I really enjoy this generator. The planets really spark the imagination in spite of (because of?) the low poly count.. Keep up the great work!

Sure! Eclipsingbinaryadventures at gmail dot com!

Proudly made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5!!!

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The alchemist of the tower will pay for his hubris in this old-school horror-themed action platformer.

  • A love letter to the horror-themed action platformers of the 80's, The Abomination will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • This PC game features state-of-the-art low-res graphics and chiptunes in stereo. Gamepad compatible.
  • Free demo available, and for a limited time, on sale for $2.99!

Find it here!!!