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This was a great thing you did, and now I've discovered your other games on Steam!

What could be an exercise in dialogue tree construction turns out to be a wonderful, funny waste of time. Go for it. Signs of greatness to come, for sure.

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I've already played through it twice just so I could find alternative paths (did), and you are so right. I love the dialogue system, and how I was laughing one minute, and feeling weird and sad another (mailbox). This is just the preview, too... Can't wait! Great job!!!

Edit: I feel bad because I got this essentially free with the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, and the Clam Man 2 Open Mic was free. So, you've got a day-one purchase of the sequel from me, guaranteed.

I love stand-up and adventure games, and you gone and put them together! Genius! I'm a fan.

I had so much fun playing this! I immediately played the demo for the upcoming sequel. I can't wait to hone my skills!

A little sad to know there's an end to this game. I was hoping it was procedurally generated. A wonderful, zen-like experience. Could use a little optimization, but everything else is fantastic. Thank you! 

How do you blow kisses?

I thought I was going nuts! Thanks, it worked for me. Win10 pro