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My new asset pack is now available! It  contains 32 characters with 16 unique characters and 16 color swap. I hope you will like them! 

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your proposition but, I'm not a very... regular person. I'm afraid to embark on a collaborative project if I can't be productive enough...  Moreover, I am still in my studies and I lack time to make my graphics... I'm really sorry ;-; I hope you to find someone for your project! And I wish you a wonderfull day too! ^^

Okey ^^

Hello, I understand the problem and really want to help you but I have no ideas how to do... maybe you can contact me on discord to find a solution?  Ecko#7068

Merci!! ^^

I do not use other software so I don't really know if Godot or unity suport it. I believe it is possible to choose the resolution on Unity but I don't know on Godot. I hope it will work for you! ^^, 

Yes the resolution is a little strange, but It's the one where a I'm the most comfortable to work and it's also made for RPG maker MV and MZ which are in 48 x 48.  I'm actually working on a little character pack and I plan to do more. But maybe in the future if I finish to make this collection in 24 x 24 I will maybe start a new one in 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 ? 

Hello, I'm sorry I do not do commisions, I don't have many free time to work on my asset so, I'm  afraid to don't have the time for commisions. I'm truly sorry :/ 

Done! ^^ 

Not currently. But It's a good idea, I have do it for the winter sale, I will try to make it. ^^ 

Thank you! Don't worry I will work on other pack. ^^ 

Probably Character pack? I think ^^

The Pretty Little Pixel - Interior Pack  is out! It is a graphic asset pack for Rpg Maker MV and MZ, but can be also use in other software.
Hope you will like it!   
 Go Check it here :
Pretty Little Pixel - Interior Pack

I'm actually working on the interior pack,  and I'm planning other packs, like caves, characters ... So yes! I'm happy if you like it ^^

Thank you for the proposition but I have so many work! I'm still doing  my studies so I don't really have the time, sorry ^^  

Thanks! ^^

Ajout d'une petite zone, des éléments de l'histoire en plus.


Addition of a small area, more elements of the story.

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Dans 1, 2 semaine pour rajouter une petite zone qui éclairera un peu plus sur l'histoire ^^

J'aimerai beaucoup le traduire en anglais mais j'ai peur que mon lv soit pas assez bon... Il me faudrait des gens qui soit très bon en anglais pour me corriger.

Au fait, merci infiniment d'avoir crée un poste, je voulais le faire mais je savais pas trop comment ^^!