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Echo Flute

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Construct Classic.

Not a problem! I don't have much experience with GameMaker, but I heard it's quite flexible. I should have made my game with it since the engine I used gets more unstable the larger the game becomes.

Great short game! The cats look really adorable. This reminded me to update my game, lol. I really need to try out some game jams, myself.

BTW, I'm getting weird performance issues on Chrome, especially on Firefox, for some reason; the native executable works great though!

Join an ice cream-selling orange cat recover a fisherman's stolen lunch from a bunch of nasty thieves!

Cat Tails is an challenging action platformer for the PC that will test your reflexes against perilous obstacles, tough enemies and even tougher bosses!

The game features 25 exhilarating levels that will test your reflexes, but the bosses will test them even further!

Of courses, you're not limited to using the keyboard to play - if you have an XBOX 360 style controller, you can use that!

Check out the Cat Tails page!