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That's alright, life can be busy. I hope you find the time to work on it, maybe at a relaxed pace. And of course I hope you enjoy doing so, which is the most important part! :)


Hive Jump has such a rad soundtrack.

You've done pretty well for yourself so far I would say.

Thanks Iskander!
I also realized that if you download the game, the music is included as regular old sound files, ready to play :)

Is this still in development?

Oh and also: awesome music! Is there anyplace it is available for independent listening?
I always love me some good chippy tunes.

This is pretty cool! very different from a base building RTS like Starcraft or CnC. More nomadic, quite fun.


Holy moly, what does it do?
I thought the Calamary card was good, but your money is off the rockers.

This game is aces.

It's not available? Aww man, after hearing one of the soundtrack songs on Jay Tholen's new music review thing i wanted to give this a try!
Are you still developing it?

This was a fun game!

One note though: at the end speech, it mentions the propellors of the space ship. I think those are pretty uncommon on what is drawn as a rocketship. Maybe a translation error?

I think it goes infinite. After day 5 score setttings stay at 5. I finished day 6 with 117 points, called it a day.

This looks like so much fun!
Could it also be played on a Valve index?

thi is great~and the artyle is cute

This made me a little dizzy.


that is revolutionary!


This kind of game-internet reminds me a lot of Jay Tholen's Hypnospace. Any inspiration from there? 

I think it's an awesome project! 

Thanks özaki! I'll try to swipe, even though I'm on pc. I guess drag the whole bar. 

This is so wholesome! I am frog.

I don't know how to switch to next tabs in a menu though. Or how to walk...

Same dude

Why is the manifesto not available anymore?

Awww yes!

Little bit of a slow start, but a lot of fun when it picks up!

Once I found a good strategy, it was fairly simple to win: get 2 air creatures, and some earthers as tanks. Later can replace earth with water as well, and add another air for huge damage.

Arguably superior to felines.

This could have been called Burglor.

Fun concept! I enjoyed doing the thing to see it all. Too bad the game is a platformer, which is a genre I do not care for too much. But it is a sensible choice, since it makes well use of the stereogram concept. Well made!

This sounds fantastic. I might want to pick up my flute again and find some music friends.

Great fun puzzle game!

I would love for it to be there yes! I just bought a Valve Index and looking for immersive experiences!

Is it available for Steam VR?

Cool beans

Where can I acquire this... banger soundtrack?


I also enjoyed how at first control of the boat feel awkward, but throughout the playthrough you develop some mastery of the steering.

Then we'd better buy it! I'm excited to see what more you do with it. The current version is already a blast!

Is this essentially Ye Olde FTL?

Pretty content with my 63 points ^^