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This is really cool of you to have written up! Entry-level modding, as easy as writing a postcard to your mum.

Took me a couple of plays to figure out a strong strategy. Also had some great luck. Keeping the ol' switcheroo for the final battle really paid off!

Run time: 1:18:35
Attempts: 5
Wins: 1

Fun for a bit, but for some reason the numbers at the top bugged out and kept inflating, in the end filling my entire screen.

I keep dying in the beginning. No checkpoints or saving I guess?

Fun little game! Might need a little game over screen or restart button. Oh and maybe some way to turn the music on/off. I died and I'm writing this review, but it's still looping lol.


This is a great little game! I like the idea of outrunning the fireworks, and the artstyle is very cute!

I absolutely loved playing this when it was new on Newgrounds. Every now and then the memory crosses my mind, and I feel the itch to replay it. I guess this is as good an excuse as any to do just that :)

It was much better on my desktop.

I do believe the juicer might be either broken (as in, a bug) or just broken because it is too powerful. I keep forgetting to count, but it seems to give excessive power every time I use it in the late game.

Really fun little game. I especially like that it is a deckbuilder game, but without violence!

This game hits good. I'm a fan of Biopunk (or Ribofunk, w/e), even if any good work in that genre is hard to find, and still I feel like Meatpunk deserves its own genre title. 

Why? Because it bleeds character, all over the place. Surface level: we are all meat machines, and everyone is trans, bi gay straight whogivesafuckjustbewhatyouare. Also: quite fresh to see a set of characters where straights are barely represented. The bright colours, the honest, straight-up talks the characters have, the repeated admittance of fault and imperfection. All good stuff. It's almost a moodboard turned video game.

I did feel it was maybe still a little happy-go-lucky around chapters 3 and 4, when I was expecting some real hard genre introducing/showcasing throughout, of what I was expecting Meatpunk to be all about. I was thinking: Dark, grimy, harsh as all fuck, a sprinkling of visualized, traumatizing body horror. The grand-scale bloodshed a metaphor for the emotional rip-and-tear that the characters are facing.

But maybe I am going in with wrong expectations. Maybe there is actually a lot of room for love and kindness in the meatpunk world. And it's not even that well-hidden. It just has to exist right next to the hate and sweltering bright, no choice for it.

Or maybe I just picked an odd set of conversation topics.

Keep up the good work, I'm going to see if I can get any of my friends to play it, so we can discuss it.

I am playing on a laptop, indeed with an integrated graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 7600M series). My other specs are an intel core i7-3610M CPU, 2.30GHz, 8gb of RAM, 64 bits windows 10.
I will give it a go on my desktop. That does not have an integrated graphics card, so might be a quick fix :)

I like the game, at least from the pictures. However, when I try to run it on my machine, there are some problems with the grass textures. They appear weird and black from certain angles/distances. Would you like me to take a screenshot and give system specifications?

This guy gets it. I would love to play this silly mess with a few others on the same keyboard :)

It's is a cute idea, and it looks pretty well worked out. Gameplay-wise, the mechanic still has its kinks though. In a lot of cases, there is little incentive to discard any of your cards, except if you get too many defensive ones in a row. Maybe it would be nice if the dicarded cards would return to your deck when the deck empties out, but only the discarded ones

Also, it reminded me of this (although with an even grimmer outlook)

I am sorry, I did not mean to reduce the message of the game. I think it is really well done. It is very hard to survive for even a very small amount of time on the limited funds the game gives you, and the world is unclear. Not by fault of the developer, it feels intended, to put the player at unease and feel lost. And even when you find your way, you still notice that life is hard.

Love the co-op multiplayer! Simple, but effective

Love the idea, and it looks quite good too. Sadly, I got stuck on the tutorial due to technical difficulties (the half-life 2 monster got me stuck in mid-air), so I could not play onwards. When restarted, it did not remember checkpoints, which was too bad.

The filename is telling. Is it really that bad?

I am doing a speedrun. Will post when I have achieved 100 dollars.

I get a lot of this notice in the output_log: 

"Sprite outline generation failed - could not read texture pixel data. Did you forget to make the texture readable?
(Filename:  Line: 136)"

I'm not quite sure, by maybe this translates into: there's invisible enemies from time to time? Not quite sure though.

Hey, I just played some more of the game (I keep coming back, it's just so much fun!), and I noticed something strange. Over time, the planet just loses life from time to time, even if you play perfectly. No rocks touched it, no ships fired on it, and no ships exploded directly next to it.
Is this intentional? Or if not, do you have an idea of what might be happening?

Very stylish. Very cool.

The world needs more Roaring Streets. Make it so.

I think this could be one of the winners, if I were to judge. Had a lot of fun with it, looks very polished and I think you made good use of the dual mechanic assignment.

Looks gorgeous

This was fun to play! How is development progressing?

Thanks! I just set it up and it works :)

(windows 10)

Nice idea! Entertaining for a while once you get a good setup and understand you can multibind everything :D

Looks beautiful. 
You mentioned a screensaver function (in jest). Would it be possible to release it as an actual screensaver? I think it would be neat.

My high score: 26 small ones, 18 mediums and 5 big ones ^^

Oh wow, just played it again, and you already so much extra stuff!
- stacking armour
- title screen and score board
- maybe tweaked the controls/flying speed? Not quite sure, hard to compare my experience from yesterday with today. But it felt a little different.

I was discussing the game with one of my teammates yesterday evening, and we came to the conclusion that a co-op mode would make a really awesome addition. Although it would be a lot of work to implement, due to the small amount of buttons required, a one-keyboard approach with either split-screen or a single stretching screen could work, no online stuff required.

Co-op would allow for a bit of teamwork, bouncing ships and especially rocks around. Also, it would make it more managable when the RNG spawning system screws you over by  spawning multiple huge (!!!) ships on opposite sides :p

Have you guys made any games before this? You seem like you knew what you were doing.

aaah, that makes sense. Thanks for responding :)

It was a good high difficulty in my opinion, I played it quite a bit. I also really liked the adaptive soundtrack ^^

Hey Hitcherland,
thanks for the feedback! I'm not quite sure what went wrong with the submission system, we thought we submitted the game into the jam (yesterday around 16:00, GMT+1).

This game is amazingly fun! It blows me away that you guys made this in only 48 hours. With some minor improvements this game could ship as a product I would say (based on just having played it for at least half an hour without tiring of it). Kicking ships and rocks together, and shooting a ship into unending orbit is a lot of fun.

I think it might be a little fairer if the bigger ship maybe would not do as much damage, but that could be part of the charm. Definitely make armour stackable. That would encourage more danger-seeking gameplay, and make the pickups more interesting when you already have some. The engineplay worked incredibly well, most of the time. The times when it doesn't, it gets frustrating. It was not always clear why I couldn't blow my engine while butt-facing a ship. 

I would love to see this game fleshed out further, it's a blast!
Pun intended.

This was a lot of fun! I really liked how the mechanics challenge you to get up real close to the enemies to reflect their stuff the easiest, which creates a risk-reward thingie