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This sounds fantastic. I might want to pick up my flute again and find some music friends.

Great fun puzzle game!

I would love for it to be there yes! I just bought a Valve Index and looking for immersive experiences!

Is it available for Steam VR?

Cool beans

Where can I acquire this... banger soundtrack?


I also enjoyed how at first control of the boat feel awkward, but throughout the playthrough you develop some mastery of the steering.

Then we'd better buy it! I'm excited to see what more you do with it. The current version is already a blast!

Is this essentially Ye Olde FTL?

Pretty content with my 63 points ^^

Love the MP references

How do I play it? Do I need to emulate a C64?

I love you mr Janerka.

Thanks stranger!

How does it fire the arrows? don't they have to be to the right of the bow?

Thanks! How does the ranking system work?

I finished the game! Got to the rank of Warrior, apparently.

The maps are a waste of money. As long as you have cleared the boss of one dungeon, you can farm that for gold. Don't buy anything, just go through and gather enough bandages and food to survive. Do it often enough and you will accumulate wealth, maybe 4-6 gold per run. Only save very seldomly, as it is also very expensive.

I have never seen a potion drop either.

It is only the very final battle that gives me the issue. With all other bosses it is fine.

Does the apple work? I keep dying on the final boss, and it doesn't seem to save me.

Also, for some reason I can't seem to drink the potions there. Is that intentional?

This game is way too good. I keep getting to the infitinite mode, but haven't been able to pass the Magma zone level 2 yet there.

Cute little game, make you feel very clever once you internalize the estimated values of the various goods. Easy to make a killing within the scope of time you have, if your memory serves you well :)

I just tried this out. I love the way it looks, but I'm having trouble understanding the mechanics.

Hey Thanos Mak! I figured it might be more of a personal project. Good luck on your further gamedev endeavours!

I'm not sure I quite got the idea. There was no challenge, just about a paragraph worth of story. Was this meant as an exercise in 8-bit scenario design? It does look charming.

I think it might be a browser thing. When I press shift, random things on the webpage get highlighted, so I think my browser running the programme does not interpret the shift key as an in-game command, but as a command for browser page navigation. 

But I could be wrong. 

Ah I see, just noticed it in the manual. In-browser, shift doesn't work. And I haven't tried running the pocket or gb files yet.

oh, awesome. I guess there's no way of knowing if you have relics on you?

Also, I found a little bug. If you have too many of an item (more than 9), it displays as 0. You can still use them just fine though.

Also, little question: I found a golden apple, but not sure what that did. Might it just have filled my hunger bar or something?

Cool project. Love the style. 

Fun detail I loved: how the end of the enemy health bar is always empty a little quicker than it seems, giving a sense of a powerful finishing blow that will more than once save you.

Excellent resource management strategy game. Just 3 resources (if you include people), and just a lot of routing stuff around. Very enticing!

They are all the same story.

I thought difficulty was fine actually. It was difficult, but certainly manageable.

Great fun!
I can't get past the stage with the werewolves though...
Any suggestions?

It's a fun game. However, when I tried opening the menu mid-run I found out there is no main menu, and pressing ESC just exits the game (and there is no save function).  I know the game is small, but a pause menu wouldn't be a bad idea to add.

I like how minimalist this page is. I apologize from adding anything to it by posting this comment.

This is really cool of you to have written up! Entry-level modding, as easy as writing a postcard to your mum.

Took me a couple of plays to figure out a strong strategy. Also had some great luck. Keeping the ol' switcheroo for the final battle really paid off!

Run time: 1:18:35
Attempts: 5
Wins: 1

Fun for a bit, but for some reason the numbers at the top bugged out and kept inflating, in the end filling my entire screen.

I keep dying in the beginning. No checkpoints or saving I guess?