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Thanks for the reply! Good idea with the save system, because I guess abusing it will lose what makes the game special. I see, so that's the function of the data disks. I didn't manage to get 100% because there's this place beneath the Krankenheit lab that I can't find a way to enter, I'm guessing one is in there. I also found that the platform that the player starts on is an elevator but again I don't know where to operate it. 

It is really fun with all these secrets. I'm just having a suggestion that perhaps it's good to make it obvious that the end level switch will, well, end the level, something like an "exit" sign in Doom. Because on my first playthrough I accidentally ended it when I still have more exploration to do.

Really glad to have found this game when I was just simply browsing 

Great game! Reminds me a lot of games such as Quake II, especially the shotgun. The game is also not that easy for me, but I really like that I have to choose my approach wisely according to the ammo I have. Taking risk to explore new areas is also exciting, due to the punishment of starting all over again if I die. However I still really hope for a checkpoint system because that punishment can be too great. 

I like the map which is interconnected and "multi-layered", means I can always find ways to go higher and get over some obstacles. Its "semi-openness" also reminds me a little of the Kshatriya level in the game Metro. I found some floppy-disk like stuffs but don't know what they do. Also I have climbed high enough and it seems there are places where I may fall off the map, although I didn't dare to try.  

Anyway, I'm eager to see more of this. 

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Thank you so much for playing!

Celestial Raid is a single-player, vertical shmup created using Game Maker. It contains old-school shooting with some bullet-hell elements. Currently the game has 6 missions with 6 bosses and 2 upgrades for the ship.  

This is the first game I make and if you like it, I plan to add more contents e.g more ships, upgrades and branching paths for non-linear gameplay. Feedbacks are very welcomed.

Game at: