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This is great! Very fun, although a bit lacking in strategy

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Dang. Wine sometimes doesn't work with alot of stuff (for no apparent reason), but you could try installing Macroquad's dependencies: 

apt install pkg-config libx11-dev libxi-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libasound2-dev

Or updating to a newer wine version

Also, does the browser version work for you?

One little secret is you move faster when in the air so if you are constantly jumping, you can save alot of time.

Other than that I really have no idea how T is so good at this game lol

It's good! That's cool, hope you did well ^^

Ok I'm in Central Daylight Time. I'll try to catch you on cloudpiano

Oops sorry, I think we're on different time zones. Let me know what times of the day you can be on Central Daylight Time

Give me the room code and I'll join :D

Okay, I'll check that out!

Wow it has been almost a year! Hope you're doing well! In my school, I did not have to do music, but I chose to learn it on my own: I started with ukulele, but I've since learned: guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano, fiddle / violin, and a little bit of bass and harmonica. But I'm definitely best at mandolin and piano.

Thanks for the reply! I have figured this out, I even made a template project for Godot

P.S. Just checking out your profile, 12 years old?! These games are better than mine lol Keep up the great work!

It depends on how good you are at problem solving and how much time you have on your hands. But, I'm not currently working on this game, I might update it sometime in a few days with some new levels and features, but I'm working on some new projects. :)

Congratulations! Glad you're doing well :)

That sucks, it'll get better, just take your time and concentrate

Alrighty!  Good to have you

That would be cool!

Yeah you can!

That could be fun!



good job!

Excited to hear your times!

6 and 7 are pretty difficult! And designed that way

How did you achieve this art style? P.S. I love all y'all's games :D

How did you achieve this art style?

Just install wine and download the windows version!

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That's what I've planned! :D

I love it!

Thank you! That sounds like a great easter egg! I might add that

Amazing! Already great at this game I see. How do you like it?

I just finished the sequel to this game! Here it is: It's got 5 levels!

I just finished the new game! It's got 5 levels, and I'll add more soon

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