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ANNOUNCEMENT! A sequel is currently in development!


I watched Markiplier play this game, and it looks amazing! The art style is very cool, and I love the lighting! Definitely gonna be a source of inspiration if I ever make a horror game :D

12.9 :D

Oooohhhh ok :D

Fun, but the charing is slow, and I get in impossible situations alot, where a person is right above me. :(

Ok :D

Thank you! That worked! :D

It's not firewall, because my firewall is turned off. I've been having problems like this recently were some applications can't connect to the internet (or just think they can't). And, I don't have Discord


I am using MacOS Catalina 10.15.7.

very cute game with great art, animations, and lots of polish! :D

Launcher crashes with error: Error Downloading Patch! error: file not found:

Pretty cool game! I love the art, and animations, but the player felt slippy and uncontrollable at times. I also, think that the player death needs an animation instead of just teleporting.

Yay I won! Also, the menus are not very good and it could use alot more polish :\

3160 :D

Great job! :D

This game is so fun :D

This game is getting remade / remastered! When it's out, it'll be here:


This game looks great, and could be super fun. But it's very empty right now :( Also, I have a suggestion. You should add Noita-like secrets, where there's little secret huts and houses and runes and just little secrets that the player can find to make them curious. :)

The first boss is impossible to beat. :(

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Great game! The particles are well done too! But, the camera is so janky, I couldn't get through the first level. (OHHH I made my window bigger and that fixed it. :D)

Yup! :D

Thanks for the encouragement :)

My engine wasn't as ready as I thought it was, because somehow I forgot to implement audio. :( And also, I didn't anticipate how busy I would be this weekend. :(

My first idea was this huge Roguelike about BREAKing into a house and stealing as much loot as possible, but that turned out to be way too big for this jam, so I've started working on a smaller game. Stress levels rising. 😅


Cool! I love Raylib, but I haven't gotten it to work with C++ on Mac. :( So I'll be using my custom 2D Ebiten engine with Golang. :)


I've heard of that! It's sort of like PICO-8 but for a little computer. :)

Cool! I think this is my 4th :D


This will be my first game jam, where I'll 1) Use my own engine, and 2) Use the Go programming language. :D Super excited!

Thanks! I think I'll have Web, Mac, Windows. (maybe Linux too)

Really cool little game! :D My best was 21

Ok Thanks! :D

Do I need to compile to Windows, Mac, Linux or Web?

I LOVE THIS! I love PICO-8 and 2.5D games, so this was probably the COOLEST pico game ever! :D

I love it! :D Great job with the polish, and the graphics! :D