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It depends on how good you are at problem solving and how much time you have on your hands. But, I'm not currently working on this game, I might update it sometime in a few days with some new levels and features, but I'm working on some new projects. :)

Congratulations! Glad you're doing well :)

That sucks, it'll get better, just take your time and concentrate

Alrighty!  Good to have you

That would be cool!

Yeah you can!

That could be fun!



good job!

Excited to hear your times!

6 and 7 are pretty difficult! And designed that way

How did you achieve this art style? P.S. I love all y'all's games :D

How did you achieve this art style?

Just install wine and download the windows version!

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That's what I've planned! :D

I love it!

Thank you! That sounds like a great easter egg! I might add that

Amazing! Already great at this game I see. How do you like it?

I just finished the sequel to this game! Here it is: It's got 5 levels!

I just finished the new game! It's got 5 levels, and I'll add more soon

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You're so fast! I tried to beat you, and the fastest I got was 12.25


I hope so too lol

Ah, that's fine :) I just want you to know that I'm currently working on a sequel to this game! I will have it done probably in about a week, and It'll be up on my page

Decent, I'm learning alot. Thanks for asking :)

Sorry no, I don't think I will

Not really, my stuff isn't popular


That's fine, hope you're doing well!