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Well made, the music is really fitting. Doing your own music and graphics is no easy task, congratulations

Great job, you added quite a lot of levels. I didn't have any problem understanding the goal or the mechanics. You build on the concept enough so it doesn't feel repetitive.

Congrats :)

Amazing, really well made. I wished the sprites were a bit bigger

What can I say, really well made. Nothing to nitpick, sorry for no feedback!

Good concept! 

The camera should be a little bit zoomed out, i wasn't able to see the platform i was jumping on

You nailed the concept!The sound design is spot on.

Sometimes the enemies won't die on collision, but if I jumped on them they did. Idk if that's a bug.

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Yeah, the sliperiness was not present in my tests, it was not supposed to be there! 

And you're right, the difficulty is all over the place, I made it really hard expecting the powerups to make it easy, but they didn't. I wish I had more time for the level design, but I run out of time :(

Thanks for playing!

I really really liked the concept (I love puzzle games), and having the track visible is super nice, I've never done pathfinding, seems hard!

Sadly, the game is just too fast. I understand it being time sensitive is a core mechanic, but it's just unforgiving. If it let me replay the same level over and over it wouldn't be such a problem, but as it restarts form the beginning, it gets frustrating. I got to the level where it's just empty and there's a button but i didn't know how to push it, and the mouse is just to fast for me to redirect it so early. After a while I started having issues with the box placement, sometimes it worked as drag&drop, sometimes I had to click on it and click again to place it, and that lost me some games. 

I don't want to discourage you, you probably didn't have any feedback until now so it's normal you tuned the speed for yourself. The foundation is solid and I encourage you to keep building on it if you also like the concept.


Yeah, I just realised the problem, I forgot to scale the drag with time, so in slower machines it will take more time to bring the character to a stop... Thanks for playing anyways :)

I really like the concept and I like the overall theme. I got greedy trying to get that extra flower and fell, I was so mad lol. Great music choice btw.

The jump could be improved a bit, as (atleast for me) it doesn't feel right to stop ascending the moment I release the jump button, it should have some inertia.

Really nice, this could really be a full game if you keep adding more and more modifiers

Well, this was awesome, really nice job!

The controls need a bit of work, but I'm pretty impressed by the amount of content you managed to include in your first game. Good job!

The music and sounds are really good, and the intro is nice (nice poem!).

The gameplay needs a bit of work tho

Thanks! I was not sure about it, even though it made sense thematically. I'm glad it's not too jarring :D

It's really good for a first project, I'm really impressed! Keep up the good work :)

The visual style, the music and the concept are all very nice, but the movement is very choppy and it's very hard to control the character. Getting the cat is a pain, and i get stuck in the book stairs almost always.

It's a pitty, because the game looks really cool!

Very nice music! I find the jump a butter floaty, but it gets the job done. good job!

Thanks for playing! Well, the Jam is over, so I doubt more people will play it, so the combinations are:

Fire + lightning = Explosion

Fire + ice = water

Fire + wind = smoke

Fire + water = lava

Fire + rock = meteorite

Lightning + ice = nothing, the plan was to add a snowman that could block a hit

Lightning + wind = Thunderstorm

Lightning + water = Nothing, the plan was to add a shock effect that would paralyze the enemy

Lighting + rock = nothing, the plan was to add metal spears

Ice + Wind = Blizzard

Ice + Water = snow

ice  + rock = Hail

Wind + Water = whirlwind

Wind + Rock = Sand

Water + Rock = Mud

Yeah, I know, It s just that modeling and animating another enemy would have taken a good chunk of my time, I probably wouldnt hace been able to add more than a few spells then. I'll work harder for the Next Jam!

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks! I really want to improve my modeling and animating 3D skills :)

Really good job on the spells and animations, it's fantastic!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah we went both for the combination thing. Are you going to join JamCraft?

Well done with the music loop. There are a bit too many thing on the screen at once, it took me a solid 10 tries before I realized I had a healthbar on the left side, I thought I was dying in one hit. Maybe a visual indicator when you get hit just like the slimy things do could be great.

Overall nicely done!

The music could use a bit of love, but good job! Not many finish on time on their first Jam

A nice start, hope to see you in the next Jam :)

I like that some elements have their own properties and float and such, makes them feel more distinctive. I just coulnd't figure out the combinations, as I didn't know what most of the elements were. Also, holding SHIFT all the time ends up being a bit unconfortable. It's OK for a short game, maybe I spent way too much time jumping arond holding an element, but I would be nice if we could have a toggle between holding and releasing.

Nice presentation and nice concept!

Happy to help :)

The page not making shadows makes a bit hard to really get where the page will fall.

But I liked it! I think a cool concept for another jam could be remaking Mario Party minigames :)

Good job, I liked it! Maybe a visual indication when you're getting hit will make it feel more impactful, sometimes I died and I didn't even noticed I was low on health.

Thanks for playing! Can you tell me what bugs did you found?

In this jam I wanted to improve my FX, work a bit with the UI and do some modeling and animations. I just didn't have enough time to do good gameplay...

Oh, cool idea! Thanks for playing :)

Well, this has the potential to be a really cool game! Good job on the prototype :D

A wall of the smallest buildings you keep spamming and a few powerful buildings in the middle. Idk if that's the best strategy, but I feel i did well :D

Good job on this game!

Well, you fooled me thinking the new wands were power-ups :D

Also, there's a level where you can exit the level from the botton and you exit the play zone. Is that intended or is it a bug?

Don't get discouraged by the music being not-so-good, we all start somewhere. Just spend a bit more time with it next time, it adds a lot to the game, you don't want to rush it!

Overall, nice concept, and the portal is pretty cool!

The music is super chill, I liked it!