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Unfortunately not! As of right now it’s just too BIG for one gameboy. 

From the Discord: Bobo is working on it now.  Basically the items are just borked in general as he's revamping the inventory, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Bobo will need to say what is best for this because I'm not sure without cracking the game itself open. 

All apologies for now, but hopefully it gets fixed soon. I’ll update this message if I get something from Bobo if there’s a quicker way to solve this. 

Hello, just seeing this message now. Were you able to figure the problem out? If not let me know if you still need help with purchasing the game.

Bobo the Hobo is making great progress on this game, though he doesn’t have a set release date at this time. If you want to play the latest version check out his Patreon where he take’s community advice, and release newer demos  of this game as he creates it. Bobo The Hobo’s Patreon

Sorry, the browser demo was bursting at the seams in size at it was. Because the updated demo is so large, we can't make it playable in browser here on itch.

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It's 23-15-15-20.

Madeline tells you the numbers for it, but you can go back to the dorm room and ask Madeline for it again.

Okay. Sorry to hear about that, I will look into this right away. Please email us at and we can see  what we can do to help fix the issue specifically.

If you perform two finger “pinch inwards” motion on that screen it will register as a way to delete letters.

The in-browser version of the demo is still only two days, but the downloadable demo lets you play through three full days.

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The browser version is just a demo. Since you already purchased it on Steam If you want to email us at we can send you a key for the version.

Hey just wanted to get back to you once again, and announce that the problem should be solved with the new 1.4.1 hot-fix update.

Hi! We're looking into this now! Thanks for note about it. Hope to get back to you quickly.

You can see almost everyone’s “level 1” weight gain model by giving them a gift,  if they accept the treat, they will look slightly bigger the next time you talk to them. If you sleep in your bed, you will have a little more money the next day as well, the cakes at cutie pie’s and drinks from the bean machine are available to purchase by clicking on them.  

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And  Done! The Steam version should now be fully up to date!

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Yes. We were hoping to first get the Mac version updated too but it’s proving to be a bit difficult, so we will get on to updating the Steam version ASAP.

We plan to have the full game out by the end of the year. Members of Bobo’s Patreon can get every incremental update between now and then. We might put out one more updated free demo between now and when the full game is released.

So far this game will run in browser windows on mobile devices, and we do have plans to make an android mobile specific version, but don’t have a demo available at this time.

Yes, in our new demo we just added (the download versions only not in browser) you get a whole extra day to explore Cicada Springs!

Sorry for the delayed reply. If you want to email us at we might be able to send you a single file that could help fix this issue.

Thanks for the note! We’ll be right on that! 

It’s not an option as of yet, but that is something we can certainty incorporate into the next update. 

Yes! PDF file is included in the the downloads section.

Hey, you're right, we should have a demo again! We uploaded a newer free demo for everyone!

I’m sorry to see that. This might be on a case by case basis. The only thing I can suggest at this time is try running the html version and then request the desktop site version of display under your phone browser settings.

There’s also one “bad” ending, but as for the main story, yes, there’s only two.

Please reach out to us at and we will send you a replacement. 

A few bug fixes, dialogue text adjustments so everything within the game should run smoother. 

Also on the page itself we removed previous versions from the download list to try and make the download process as simple as possible.

Given how successful Pendant of Prosperity has done for us, we’re very interested in releasing this title on Steam as well! We’ll be sure to announce it if/when we do along with some much needed tweaks. 

Hi there! We have a new downloadable version of the game available as of today 7/20 and if you'd to email us at we'd love to send the game in an alternative way if possible.

You need three of the other members of the underworld, (non-skeletons) to visit come to the diner  there in the underworld.. After the three are eating, you'll be able to speak more with the head chef and the waitress.

Yes, dienro’s side quest is WG only. There’s no “THE END” screen for the game. There are two “bad endings” you can possibly find in the game one is a choice the other comes from losing a boss battle.

You can reach us at

Okay, just sent you an email, hope we can get your problem solved right away.

Hey looks like it’s not available for purchase yet? Just a heads up, can’t wait to read it!

So, this might be a specific issue…if you could send us an email at we will send you another Steam key privately as soon as we can. Again, sorry for the issue.

We're excited to say that this game is set to release by the end of this month! But, if you're looking for a fix now you can find a very near complete copy of the game on Bobo The Hobo's Patreon  (along with a HUGE collection of all of his other writing and works!)

Fantastic work! 

We’re happy to announce that the game should be out within the next two months. 

For now though if you want more of the game, a near complete version is available on Bobo The Hobo’s patreon.

We really like the environment here on and how easy it is to upload or update everything on this site. We can communicate with fans and keep up to date with them almost instantly. After we finish tweaking the game with all the updates here, (that means including all the languages, the option to play the narration in the background of each chapter, and colored art.) We do plan to also make these games available on Steam, but we plan to make that one the “final” version for the rest of the world to see.