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Yes I have, my username is themagicsquid

Really fun game with a unique idea

I love this games art style!

Thanks 😊 

My apologies for the lack of clarity in the game. The aims is to manage uninfected and infected characters. If everyone get infected you lose. If you manage to build a hospital in time and cure everyone you win.

Thank you

113 on easy with 113005 kills

Very cool and cute!

Wow, that looks pretty neat

You are physically unable to reach it. You might be able to in the future, but I have absolutely no clue

Very satisfying. Love to see where this goes

Hell Yeah

Do you still have the old version?


9: 58

I am so rusty its not even funny

yeah there is a speedrun community. Join the discord if you like it’s kind of dead. Also I am hooking to beat you so keep an eye out on the leaderboards.


Its really funny and a short and simple little game

Keep up the good work

I'll go and check on on being underminded

Oh and this is how to beat the biker without any glitch's

That bug is mental :0

Yeah no dont worry It happens to all of us

You cant do anything. Pressing K in the menu will let you view the other parts of the game though

Just have to wait until StevenCrane fixes it

If you go back to laurens house in deep town she'll fix em


Not that I know of

Also I found a way to softlock, and EVEN quitting and returning doesnt fix the problem. Go me

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic Box in the sky

Guess were I am. Yes Dr.Slunch, you cant hide your rooms in the sky anymore

Also can someone make a discord I dont want to keep making more posts

Yes, but it never works 

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic Why the 0.00%?

So I was going to put this on my document of bugs (That I have almost completely abandoned) but I dont know if it is a "bug"

(1 edit)

Aha, you only have to unload the city/market and then comeback. Aka going train, residential district or just quitting and rejoining

Yes! It looks so pretty

on the 5th? You get Easter egg!

mega calm

oh yeah, go get the berry blasts and don’t give them to the others . Then go back to town, I think that’s how far you might be able to go closer. Then go back and get mor blasts. Repeat 4x

New bug I have 2 books

Wait im so confused, when you pick up the book its encrypted then beating her unencrypts it and she should only fight he if you give her the encrypted text, so if you beat you cant anymore

Yeah no you are right, it is a bug, you should be able to

Hahaha you bet the fight by losing thats a cool bug

Do you still have the book?

yeah, I found that problem too. If you want to continue you have to quit to menu and then continue which is annoying

For the first one yeah, backfliping doesn’t let you wall climb. I hope it gets removed and is not a feature. For the second point, the check points are kind of wank (no offence crane) and I thing his working on it but I’m not sure

Oh nice, that’s really cool :D