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the scuba sprite got me screaming, thats so clever! found the feather hehe cool game!

very cool! l wish it kept going, nice color transitions and ship manoeuvering!

veey cool game! reminds me of a bitsy game l made about a hungry dolphin ^^ very fitting music, this could lead to more deer exploration!

on mobile but it looks so gooood great idea great thumbnail l gotta try it on pc!!!

yeah glad you liked it, thanks for playing!!

woah what a compliment!!!! once would already be crazy but multiple times, thank you so much!

enorme je m'y attendais pas c'est tout simple et super deep !!

so cool and well executed! larger sprites are really well done, the music was a great addition and the turn off really takes you!! awesome bitsy, i'll try to add sound on mine !

so cooool !! love the afterlife touch but l dont want to hurt the chatacter lol well made sprite too!!,


so cool ! cant wait to try this! thanks for sharing 🎉

thank you so much for taking the time of making a game to explain this!!! had no idea how to do this, l cant wait to implement them!! loooved the 3 cup ttransfo 🐈🐈🐈

omgg! im developping a little super mario world demake on bitsy 😂 your game is so good !! very interesting to treat bitsy as platformer! and the gameboy skin is a great idea!!

our pleasure ! make sure to come and eat again with your friends and family!!

l audibly gasped seeing the horses. again when the dead guy had the tile color. clever looped ending, really excellent bitsty!!

the cuts and pacing!!! l felt watching a movie, 2 times! excellent atmosphere and surprises, well executed, l hope you have a good night!

that was interesting, is all text from kojima? l could very much see a bitsy interview format!

interesting to distill information with microactions. this template could be used for a lot in education

very cool to simulate the real ewperience of gg to plant the seed lol very inspiring!

l screamed when mlady popped up l had no idea you could do that in bitdy, is that a hack?? looved the character ideations, its exactly this!!

that was the perfect demonstration of how powerful bitsy games can be, l felt more things during these 5 minutes than whole seasons of netflix 😂

very nice! interesting growing difficulty

hey thanks a lot for taking a few minutes to play it !!! glad you like it, there are many other Bitsy creators you might love their games!!

thanks for not wasting food in our ocean restaurant! see you next munchies

the fps view is so original! lived the hand cursor interface, dope use of bitsy!!

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so good!! have you thought of making the kid games now, even in bitsy! love the origin of it btw!! short lines, well written ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

arcade rpg, excellent spritework,vending machines, smoother than tile controls, l'm going back to continue rhe game ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

great treatment to lighten the bitsy exit just a bit!! good execution!

I didn't see your entry its so good! super well crafted door/mirror moment! plus the color shifts and font, really nice game!

you deserved it!!

l dont know what happened, l fixed it thanks a lot for telling me!!

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too bad but l understand it must be a lot of work, but l can't wait to try your 3d editor! dont get burnt, you make great things! just played your pineapple adventure, loved the spritework, and playing as pineapple part! 

such a cool atmosphere! theres really a cool vibe that makes you want to explore!! jumped on bitsy3d right after it, l still wonder how you build a lot of it! awesome project!

love the atmosphere and execution on this one!!! too bad it crashed!

just insane... the way you explore a game with this engine is really interesting! is there a chance that it will be mobile compatible one day? thank you so much for your hard work, already making my next game on it!!

waa thanks mate! most of it was done while waiting for food to cook, im very glad you enjoyed it !!

hey thanks for dropping by, couldnt play it at 2 but the complementary multiplayer concept is a  great concept! very few games like this! nice touch with the handmade graphicd, good job !!

lmao clever dave! l havent even thought about it !😂

so fluid !