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Hey i think i got a sudden crashes while playing the game, is this normal?

crap,i don't see nor hearing phone ringing.

thank you for 1.13! however there is some question in lvl 6 remake.

- can you still pick up golden skulls? 

- the secret (where you find cherry bomb),there is a light on wall on it,but it doesn't seems to be open as i remember.

i don't get it,maybe you should get a screenshot

don't forget about johnny tank secret doesn't count as secret :) 

fun fact: in 1.1 ver lvl 3, i don't get stuck in bombs room,i don't know how.

good day,i would like to report a bug,not really alot in lvl 4 and lvl 5 so here goes. 

lvl 4

-when you pick all 4 ingredients,the passage doesn't open up

-the johnny tank secret doesn't count as a secret

lvl 5

when you kill final boss,the teleport exit doesn't open up

that's all,i hope that is useful! :)

you will pick up the map that should tell keys

you're welcome,took me about 10 mins to think about this

you have to load both MayhemM_EE_v1.1 and MM_Levels into it

hey there, i want to report a bug? a bug that i can't press anything at the "exit" screen ,do i have to use older version of gzdoom?