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New programmer looking to join the team!

Though I'm not too experienced I am able to code game logic and do a little bit of 3D modeling. But I just started in Unity and hope that this Jam could help me learn more about the engine.

It's ok to me if you don't want me to be in your team, I understand I am fairly new, but I would really like it since I'm not too good with the art aspect of game design.

Good Luck!


Ps. Time Zones might be an issue if you're in a different place. My time zone is PHT(UTC /GMT+ 8:00).

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Good work! I already replaced my browser with the docker, my calendar with the notebooks and cards. Hehe, would really love if you are able to do this on mobile, other than that keep up the good work!

Mobile version!

Cosmic Everyday community · Created a new topic MOBILE

I think that cosmic everyday would be really handy to have on mobile.

Woah, I can't even reach 80 on my own game. Good job mate!