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This looks too polished for a game jam!

Beautiful work, it's always fantastic to see 3D on the Gameboy Advance

Good! Boy! Galaxy!

This game is a real challenge! It feels like solving a Rubik's Cube, which I am similarly disadvantaged at. Great work though! A few slides of tutorial would be very helpful, since I downloaded a bunch of games en masse and forgot how this was played. 😅

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This is really cool! The animations look great. The screen glitched out and became unresponsive at one point, I don't know if that's intentional.

I was playing on a GBA via the EZFO DE.

Excellent presentation. I was able to get a score of 319 on my first try.

This game strikes a balance between depth and approachability. It's fun to see my time rated and recorded, but it would be greatly improved by having a restart button.

I love the movement animations! It really reminds you that this is all in zero gravity. Making traversal somewhat skill based adds an instant level of fun to the gameplay loop that I didn't expect.

The font looks great, but I think the lowercase y should look more like the g. It wasn't clear to me whether I could move left or right across screens, so I was bumping around a lot. A map would help me a lot, but I understand if not including it was a design choice.

The fourth wall breaks are fun. It's just a static area with no progression, right?

I feel like you shouldn't get a game over for touching the edge without visually communicating that to the player. This is really fun though, great job making this approachable concept a compelling reality!

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This is a fun game! I keep dying around 20 ticks though, it feels like I get hit sooner than I think I should, but maybe I'm just bad. 😅 It's really cool to see a sleep function too.

This is so cute and fun! Great job executing this simple idea.

Thank you! That means a lot to me.

My high score is 60! This is a really fun game. I think it would benefit from a backwards dash by double tapping arrows, since it feels discouraging to slowly walk up to a target I'm about to lose.

Impressive demake! I like the extra feature of choosing which skin to put on your character. Controls options like LR turning would be great.

This game is seriously impressive! The UI design and controls feel professional and natural. I was obliterated by the blue-haired dude, but the spirit crystal system is a fun way to gain power and reward combat.

I can't tell which palette to choose for my IPS GBA though! 😅

Great work zlago! Your smol fonts are outstanding and the progress on this game is exciting to see.

Thank you! Nikku made the music, and the tutorial has basically all the mechanics in it, so you didn't miss much. I appreciate you sticking to the spirit of the Jam.

This has something to do with pressing the Start button while roaming around. I didn't catch it in the recording, but the game started making a constant beep sound after being frozen for about a minute.

This is very cool, I never would have thought to make a menu like this! What was the meaning behind the chess part of the game?

I didn't know what the symbols meant until I read this comment.

The prototype gameplay is unintentionally terrifying. It feels like I did something so wrong, no one dare speak of it. The title screen is lovely though.

I didn't expect much based on the screenshot, but I was entranced when I started the game. I can't stop clicking the Play button to watch the sprites move around! It would be cool to speed up the spinning by holding L+R or something.

Changing the palette was a good move, the green is pleasant.

Thank goodness for the tutorial, or I wouldn't have known how to exit the tutorial!

The scene is lovely, and expertly composed. There are many elements to this screen that could have been animated, but I think you hit the sweet spot between subtle and engaging.

This looks very professional! The screen right before the title was a nice surprise, everything has a pleasing consistent look, and the song name appearing in the upper right shows polish.

Hey, that's my Gameboy! 😁

What's Dog Discoverer 1?

Thank you for playing though! Remapping is a popular request, I appreciate the feedback.

it's just a tutorial and one real level. I'm experimenting with gameplay mechanics in 3D games.

I'll see if I can duplicate the situation on camera. This is on a real GBA and not emulator, if that makes a difference.

Thanks, but I love the Windows XP wallpaper. That's my inspiration! I make sure to lean even harder into the aesthetic in the future 😉👍

I can walk up to the white board and desk just fine, I think the collision for the object in the middle is just too big.

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Ch.1 はなこ

Ch.2 はっしゃく

Homework is done! Good luck with your development.

I think it's cool that the game starts right up seamlessly. The clicking noise sounds just like a clock ticking endlessly.

I agree, maybe the currently selected tile could flash?

I have absolutely no idea what's going on in this game, since I am awful at tactics games and can't wrap my head around them, but I like what I can see.

Your song is a lot of fun! I like the droning tones, like brass instruments. And of course frogs are one of my favorite animals, so their inclusion was a wise choice. The letters jumping off the screen is icing on the cake.

The game has crashed for me a couple times after pressing Start, I'm not sure if there's something I'm doing wrong. Beautiful title screen, like I said before!

The song, presentation, and animation are all stellar. I'm a sucker for the "holy ahh" noise in retro RPG music.

I second this. I even tried to turn my volume up when it started, because your intro was so polished.

Did you take this photo from your window, or is this a photo of the tree that can be seen from your window?

PS: I think your copyright logo got cut off on the left side.