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Makes sense to me! Actually, the way you phrased that made me think of some very different mechanic ideas. The main one is adding some sort of gizmo that moves all your placed keys when you run into it. Something like an arrow that could face up, down, left, or right. That would add lots of possibilities, especially combined with common mechanics like push-able blocks and various sorts of switches. Also, lines of arrows could turn the placed keys into an interesting version of moving platforms.

This was a really neat little game. The idea is very interesting, and could easily be expanded in lots of different ways. One way that I think would be lots of fun is adding one extra button that has different functions in different levels. Perhaps you have a Hollow Knight style midair dash in one level, and then in another the ability to turn metal and block or break certain things. Adding a bunch of different keys for abilities would give you too many platforms to work with, but one extra button that changes function would work well.

Also, right click to retrieve all placed keys would be a nice feature.

This is a super cool idea, I would love to play more.  I tried to do a couple things that I think would be neat additional mechanics. Throwing your head diagonally could be interesting and holding down the throw head button to leave your head somewhere would be useful, especially if you could use it as a platform.

Neat idea, and lots of fun to play through. I do think alternate control options would be a nice addition. Strangely, my xBox 360 controller was able to control horizontal movement with the anlog stick, but no other buttons did anything. Coming here let me know there isn't controller support, but that confused me for a bit.

This was tons of fun to play through! I especially enjoyed how the open design of the levels allowed for various possible solutions, usually a more straightforward puzzle solving solution vs just running around blowing things up and tricky platforming to make it work.

I did get slightly annoyed by some of the ice placement, mostly while I was trying to puzzle out a solution and not focusing on platforming. I also kept forgetting the cannons would kill me, and once on level 29 the cannon on the bottom right seemed to kill me through the wall (and skipped the portal, the portal might have messed up the damage hitbox?).