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I killed him =) took a bunch of tries but i did it =)

I killed them, it was pretty hard and died quite a bit, but by getting strong enough i managed to finish them off =)

I killed him first try =)

I killed them =) Geno run, a shame a few victims had escaped during this fight


nice i like this

What about: "Lollo Night Raidin' "?

Anyways, Best mod in existance

"too much bellys, don't overdo it"

Lol, the point of the game is to be based around WG and other stuff more.

nice game.

Alright, gonna play this.

How do i make it so Text can pop up out of nowhere, without having to press the button to talk, just that it pops up.


Thanks, Finally how to do it.

Genocide ending please =)

Nice, gonna download


I'll check if i can make him fat.

I'll make him thicc

nice, i love it, will you make more games of other scenes of the simpsons with this style of game of choices and endings?


Question, would we be able to, y'know, since it is inspired from undertale, The mercy/Not Mercy mechanic will be there?

alright alrighty

I have a question, Will The entire Gamerune Game come on different battles or will it come all in 1 Single game?

This game is Kind of short you should complete this when you can, i enjoy your games tho.

How is the progress going?

Are you done yet with the game?

I purposely did the exact opposite of what the point of the game is supposed to be Played and instead i Made the character look like a gamer that's Lazy and is so addicted to Gaming that their house is completely dirty, The pizza is on the sides of the seats, i putted The half-cooked chicken on the fridge, I threw the unpaid bill on the trash, I Putted a bit of the trash in places like The closet or the bed, the clean sock in the trash can, and etc. Lol, Best game ever, I love how disappointed the mom got when seeing that her son is a full gamer who throws unpaid bills in the trash and eats half-cooked chicken 9/10 Could have a Videogame machine so it makes the protagonist like a REAL Gamer.

No problem.

This seems very good ~

Do you know that scratch project of IF Asgore fight where there were a Bunch of a lot of endings? You could base it off of that. this is Very faithful to the comic but also lets you get other endings, You should Try playing it then make that project.

This seems a good game! Gonna download it now! 

Finally completed it! and With pure luck I did it 1st try, Nice fight, 10/10

Hey, i have a question, Could you make the Fight of asgore of Inverted fate but with this Deltarune's engine?

saw this, gonna play

Ah, yes, i also love giving a murder confession to a rock.

Well, you can try doing that again, i'd love to choose which species we want to be, it wouldn't affect much in the story except by some comments of the people around and the interactions with the mirror, I still love the game, but something like that would be really cool.