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It could use some better install instructions. I tried running the Game.class in the Jar and also the exe (which said I didn't have java installed even though I do) but I wasn't able to get it to work on my machine unfortunately. 

Do you have a link to the LD entry page? I wanted to rate it!

Very cool start! I was able to get up on the leg and hit it lol. I loved the ambience and thought it was a really cool take on the original. I liked that I had to hold the key down to hold on, it was a little awkward in an appropriate way. 

Has anyone found the secret level yet?

LD Entry link directly :

Hosted Link:

Open GL Version:

Gotcha, this is just the itch submission page. I figured it out. Thanks for the tip. 

Very beautiful but we got stuck on the puzzles. You should link to your Ludum dare submission page so we can rate it on there!

You should link back the LD page, I couldn't find it on there and I wanted to vote for it. 

Very fun, my GF loved the dog and cuteness. Gameplay was an interesting take. Very nicely done!


The first time I fought the ******, most of my vision was blocked by a tree, you might want to either consider the sightlines or give them like an escape to the other side of the map move (all the old SNES bosses had something like that). 

Do you have a mac or HTML5 version?