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Go ahead and resubmit it and I'll reinstate it. Just understand that what you have is something I can't stream to twitch, so you won't be really getting any feedback from me. 

Aight so I just extended the deadline for everyone. Good luck!

Yeah that's fine. Have you joined the discord? It'll be easier to coordinate there. I'll generate a late submit link. 

I'm not really opposed to it? But there's just no way for the community to play it in a way that would make it eligible for voting. Does that make sense? I'd say, if you wanna use us as your deadline, go for it! But don't be like super surprised if don't get many votes just because there really isn't a way to do so. 

Thanks so much for your kind words! Thul did an amazing job with the boss design.

Wow, I am super impressed with this one. Every mechanic was picked very well and unnecessary ones were left out to great effect. The walkspeed of the player-character feels labored and slow to a great effect, and the mallet swings are chunky and feel incredible. I think you could go in so many different directions with this and have a legit salable game. I'm just thinking of all the potential enemies, a boss fight with a giant Angler Fish? You see its head light before you see the teeth? There's something here.

you're welcome!

ah i should have made it more clear. I just set the game to end after the father is in bed. No crashing! Just as designed haha. 

Thanks Sam! I'm excited to play yours on stream!

Thanks for your feedback! I agree with all your points completely! Haha

thank you! I really appreciate it!

Great feedback! Right now I'm thinking if we more clearly distinguish some things, like where the player is on the map, what biome they are in, etc. We could help resolve some of the problems. Also, I'm thinking a "confirm" button for text might help people read it. Because even when I played, I kept finding myself just moving through the game and forgetting to glance over at the text box.

The judges only speak english, but perhaps you could make the game in your chosen language, and then make a youtube video with an English translation or something. We wouldn't want to restrict language, but unfortunately we can only speak it haha. Sorry!

I also really liked it. The smoke trail behind the penguin was awesome.

Awesome game!

I'm WAY impressed by this. Very relatable and grabbed me emotionally. Awesome work.