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fun game! my best score is 160 :D 

Very fun! One of the best 2d golf style games I've played, great sfx too

thank you! And ye that is how I do the drop shadow, I use a script that I put before the draw_self that sets the objects current sprite to be black and translucent. I have the x and y as arguments so I can set it's position based on the object. 

ty for checking out my other game! :D

I do think it is a good challenge though! 

thanks :D

The level design is very well done, I love the first boss so much. It had so many fun strategies. I spent like an hour on the 2nd boss and couldn't get passed it but still a really fun game! :D

thank you :D 

Such deceivingly simple gameplay but you really have to plan ahead to complete a level! Great game :D

So fun! I could imagine this being a game that would come installed with windows 

to me it didnt feel like it had much acceleration and deceleration , it also has jump buffering and coyote time. Maybe it was lagging or I don’t have them set high enough, it could be a problem with web builds slowing down. Thanks for the in depth comments! 

I ran out of motivation for the game so I just quickly through together a little level so I could submit it, im glad you could look passed the janky level haha :D 

ty  <3

ty!!! :D I ran out of motivation to add anything else for the dice gun to interactive with but I'm glad I still got it released with the little content it has. Maybe I will reuse the concept one day! 

thank you ! that is so nice of you to say :D 

Would you say the character feels stiff, or is it something else that you don't like about the movement? 

Thanks for the kind words :D I wasn't happy with the game so I decided to not put anymore time into making music or more sfx, this was just the tutorial level originally but I didn't want to make anymore levels so just had the tutorial level as the whole game haha 

yeah that is how you are supposed to do that level :D

epic gamer alert!!! 

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If I’m thinking of the correct thing then that’s intentional! I love in minecraft when you can run over gaps so I made the coyote time long enough to recreate that. You can see the sprite change for the frames you are over the water to a shocked kind of face, it is to show that you are no longer on a platform. 

Thank you for playing :D I'm glad you like the art style!

Thank you so much!

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My favorite out of the games I've played from the jam, great work! 

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I really enjoy the simplicity of the art, the squash animations really help to bring everything together. Fun level design too! 

Art and music is beautiful! The gameplay, although repetitive, is a great concept. Would love to see the extra ideas added in a post-jam update if you do decide to keep working on it! 

That’s okay! You just press yes or no and then the game restarts after the last question 

I wish I added more actual gameplay to it, especially something to tie it to the theme better. I would have had permanently regretted not submitting anything to the jam though ha. Thanks for the kind words! 

Thanks! "Love is important until it gets scary." would have been a great tag line for it haha 

Fantastic! Some of my favorite games are bite sized games with massive repeatability and strategies or techniques that take a little longer to master. This has a great gameplay loop that transforms the routes as you play without over complicating the concept. Intrigued to see if this ever gets expanded on after the jam.  

Loved playing this! Could totally imagine the same crowd that likes house flipper esque games  enjoying this 

Great gameplay! The visual style is awesome and the camera subtleties and sfx really help to bring it all together. 

Love this! Great take on the theme I love this type of gameplay, makes you play more strategic and have to think about when you kill enemies. 

It's quite scary and drags on a bit if you aren't into a slow burner, but the visual story telling is really great. A lot of symbolism and subtler moments that can be interpreted in your own way 

I should rename the game to wooden buddy maker 2022. thanks for playing!

That’s a huge compliment, thank you! I'm inspired by movies like Possum with the way it deals with story telling. It’s going to take a lot of practice to capture exactly what I want with my games but even getting a little closer makes me happy

I don’t fully understand it either haha, glad you liked it! 

Thank you beam!  You’re so kind :>

lesson number 1) play angry birds with a heart 

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1) It looks very crisp and is easy to read, high res pixel art like “Tough Bippy” by Wan!Wan! Games look excellent with the clean pixel art. While the flash animated versions of the sprites would also look excellent the pixel art helps the player easily see how the player is interacting with the environment. Collision boxes can be much easier understood which is important for a fighting game too. I also think it isn’t being held back visually by using pixel art because it looks just as dynamic as it could in any other art form. 

I think it’s also used as a beginners art form since it seems deceptively easy even though I see many games I don’t like the look of that use pixel art. Many games artists don’t understand colour theory or antialiasing and try to overcomplicate things by using skills that they have not practiced enough. Undertale and Downwell are good examples of successful simplicity where there isn’t too much unnecessary detail which if done wrong could’ve made the game look worse. I’ve only recently gotten over having mixed mediums in games like pixel games having hd text boxes. But as long as a game is consistent in it’s style I’m a little more loose about them breaking these “rules” I have got stuck in my head. Like not mixing different pixel sizes across different sprites. 

2) I love being able to be very precise and having the option to clean up a sketch very easily. It is as versatile as any other art but takes less precision since you don’t always need to be trying to get that perfect line as you can go and manually tweak it pixel by pixel after the sketch. 

3) I think game wise the current releases focus less on trying to cash out on “nostalgia” by having a very similar art style to a classic retro title. And sometimes they try to get away with bad art by saying it is retro when in reality older games have had very beautiful pixel art. 

It also doesn’t have the same bad reputation that it is a lazy art form with more beautifully, well done sprites being featured in games. A recent indie game hit “Grapple dog” has a very clean style that just would be just as good if done hand drawn or vector art but isn’t being limited visually through the form of pixel art but has all the benefits of being a little easier read with it’s crispness. Which also can be upscaled to larger screens easier than some other art. 

Pixel art had it’s limits pushed many years ago when it was the only option for games and now the only difference is how trends in the medium change, I hope to see more 3d games using pixel art textures in the future! 

Thank you and of course, I would be happy to answer any questions! If you don't want to send them here you can send them to my twitter or discord: Dylan🎃#4886