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its available :) just play in our steam!

Thank you! Follow us to keep getting updates on the dev!

Hey, thank you. Follow the project to get updated!

I'm interested, please contact me on Discord: hedin_hiervard#8408

Hi everybody.

I'm a highly proficient programmer looking to partner up with a pixel artist to form a dev team. The ultimate goal is to establish a revenue flow that will pay our bills eventually. These are steps we are going to take:

1) Create and publish a really small prototype game which will build up a team and prove we can do more.

2) Participate in several game jams to further develop our skills and team.

3) Create a Patreon account and start producing 1 games / month with unique mechanics / ideas OR

3a) Start working on a larger-scale project if we come up with an idea.

This is not a usual 'rev-share' offer. I'm going to pay you a market-level salary until our first game is fully finished. If it comes up with any success we can move further to building up a full game dev team.

Here is a couple of projects I started from scratch and succesfully finished being a lead developer and game designer:

Please feel free to contact me here or via Discord: hedin_hiervard#8408 if you have any questions. Please send your pixelart portfolio!

Thank you!

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Thanks for replying!

Can you show me your works? My discord is hedin_hiervard#8408

Still looking.


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong atm.

Ok, if any artist is reading this, can you give me a short feedback on what's wrong with the posting, since I'm getting zero replies. 

I don't fit for jams?

I'm demanding too much?

What would make you drop me a line? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you!


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I'm a very proficient game developer with several commercial titles released to Appstore, Steam and  Google Play and 6y+ of experience (see the screenshots above) . But I never participated in any Game Jams and would like to try. For this purpose I need a Pixel Artist (as I'm planning to do strictly 2d/PA jams). We can start any time (there is plenty of jams going on). 

What I offer:

  • quick delivery using the most top-notch tools
  • dedication and concentration
  • fast learner
  • love pixel art and love making games
  • really good developer (incl., C++ engines, JS engines, mobile frameworks, OpenGL low-level stuff etc).
  • a good portfolio of commercially made profitable fully complete indie games

What I require from you: 

  • a portfolio with some outstanding PA works
  • commitment
  • fast delivery
  • some technical proficiency (i.e. using common dev tools like git)