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I'm going to add this. I bought all your Femboy interactive stories and will look over them, one package each week.

Words are very important especially spoken. This may seem childish to a programmer but to someone who is reading this in these RENPY games, I believe it adds to the story.

I'll mention a few spoken sentences by the protagonist that I think would definitely add to your Femboy story selections - especially since seeing them initially as shy and bashful to begin with, which does match the personality of a Femboy.

Yet when things get heated up, it is then they take charge of the situation and become hot and demanding and possibly a bit of a bully.

. . .

They REVEAL they are not a girl after all:

"What were you expecting ?"
"Do you like what you see ?"
"I can see you want this."
"No disappointment there. {Grin}"
"Yes. It wants you and I want you."
"You knew this would happen."
"You knew it would come down to this."
"You see what happens when you trust me."
"I think we were both expecting the same thing."
"It's all for you, baby."
"Come over here and give it a kiss."
"I'll tell you where we go from here."
"You want this and I want you to want it."
"Put your hand on it."
"This is going to be fun."
"That look on your face. Is that desire I see ?"

. . .

DIRECTIONS and add heat to story:

"Follow me to the bedroom."
"Follow me to the bathroom."
"No-one can hear us now."
"You have what I want."
"I have what you want."
"Get on your knees, now."
"Kneel in front of the toilet."
"Lie down on the bed."
"Close your eyes."
"Let me get the lights."
"Pucker your lips."
"We have all night to enjoy this."
"Now isn't this better ?"
"You make a great seat cushion."
"I can see you're interested."
"Hold my underwear/panties."
"This will be a sleepover you'll never forget."
"Just you and me for the weekend."
"Just you and me for all of next week."

. . .

LOCATION and domination:

"Obviously you know where you belong."
"You belong in here/there."
"Get in there, now."

. . .


"I can't hear your denials over your raging hard-on."
"I don't care if you are straight. Tonight, you're mine."
"Call your G/F and tell her you can't come tonight."
"Tell your parents you're sleeping over at a friend's."
"Your parents are gone for the weekend. You're mine now."
"My parents are gone for the weekend. You're mine now."
"It's difficult to believe you're straight when you're as hard as I am."
"Shh ... shhh ... let me take care of everything."
"Hey. I know you really want this - and I'm gonna give it to you."
"The door is locked. We won't be disturbed."
"You won't be a virgin after tonight."
"Fuck marriage. I just want to taste your wedding cake."

. . .

DIRECT heat:

"Lick my balls."
"Get your tongue up inside me."
"Eat my ass."
"Kiss it."
"Kiss my ass."
"Kiss my butthole."
"Suck it."
"Suck my dick."
"Suck my cock."
"Kiss my feet."
"Lick my toes."
"Drink it down."
"Yeah, ride that cock."
"Yeah, ride my ass."
"Ffffuuuck that's good !"

. . .

This part is purely optional to consider adding to dialogue:

To add, bullies always play a special part in stories like these. While they can be commanding there are a few methods we see in stories about bullies normally focused around public school.

1. Toilet Swirly
2. Wedgie
3. Stuff in trash
4. Spanking
5. Feminization (force to wear female clothes)
6. Anything from direct heat above but done publicly where others can see it.

. . .

Toilet Swirly is pretty unique. In this the protagonist grabs the victim and shoves their head in a toilet, usually at school, clean or not, and then uses a unique vocabulary comprised of:

"Get in there and stay in there."
"Drink up."
"You make a good toilet brush."
"Clean that bowl with your face."
"I'm going to flush you down."
"You know you belong in there."
"Suck my dick while you're at it."
"The only thing you'll kiss will be the bottom of this toilet."
"Did I say you could pull your head out ?"

. . .

Feminization, turning a guy into a girl, often by more than one bully, can have such sentences as:

"OMG you look so cute in that !"
"You are so adorbs right now."
"Now you are one sexy looking girl !"
"You see. I was right. You make a much better girl than a boy."
"All this time and you were a femboy yourself and didn't know it."
"Go look at yourself in the mirror. You look better now, don't you."
"You could be my little sister."
"You could be my little niece."
"You could be my big sister."
"You could be my big niece."
"I'm going to dress you like this every day."

. . .

Some synonyms for the victim the bully can use are pretty far-reaching:

Faggot, Loser, Pansy, Pussy, Idiot, Moron, Dumbass, Cocksucker, Gayboy. There are many others.

. . .

Overall text is a pretty easy thing to add so please consider such options for future development of your games - or if you'd like more ideas, I have several.

As for myself, I write books, and sometimes those chapters get pretty steamy, so I definitely can get into reading and enjoying your work here, @owlyboi.

That's the version I'm running. Has 18-seconds between blackouts, I timed it this time, before it shows a new picture frame. Pretty sure that's not in the author's design. I write videogames myself and even if the files were encrypted it would take no longer than 2-seconds to decrypt and display a 1980x1080 picture.

Something has clearly gone wrong somewhere that is causing the huge timeouts per new picture frame  ...

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This was the first Renpy I bought, Owlyboi. I was most impressed by it. Please keep up this kind of heat, assertiveness, and more picture count please with your Femboy stories.

Facial expression is important to me.

This one had 4 particular pictures in it not counting backgrounds.

1. Greetings. (Onesie w several facial expressions, good)
2. You go first. (nude, superb smirk, this picture makes the package)
3. Knees. (nude, good receptive)
4. Backdoor. (nude, good smirk)

Thanks !

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Very nicely done, Owlyboi. If you make more Femboy games, I will buy them. I'm not so interested in the Futanari.

Also expression is everything. Leers, gloats, the look of complete deviousness complete all of these pictures alongside suggestive and lewd text. I wouldn't be interested in your work otherwise.

Suggest you do one where the Femboy is a bully - I did not see this in your list.

Stories are spot on too. Forceful Femboys and compromising lewd thoughts of the reader. Keep it up ! You have a new fan of your works.

Hello. Thank you for your prompt reply ! :)

I do not see v0.1.5c available to download here.
And no, I use a new directory for each of the 2-versions I downloaded.

Hi. I am - trying to enjoy your game yet keep running into computer problems. The first was an earlier version used 6+gb of RAM space making it take a very long time to load indeed.

The next, this version 0.1.0c takes a literal 30-seconds for the screen to change pictures between.

I have many games of this kind using the standard RENPY engine and they do not give me these difficulties.

As stated, I like what you are doing here and am interested - but timing out 30-seconds between frames is too much. There is something not working right.

My computers is Windows 10 Quad processor. I also whitelisted it completely in my anti-virus so that is not the problem.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong here.

Good but the game has a huge footprint when playing. Eats up 7.5 gigabytes of RAM according to Task Manager. What are you doing with all that memory ?

Well you are one talented, artist. Write me please if you have more 1-bit images to purchase.
I'm looking especially for monsters (which I have some now but would like more), players, like fighters, wizards, clerics, thieves, and the like.

Map tiles like grass, forest, swamp, cities, towns, castles, dungeons, etc.

And even combat backgrounds say 4x1 strips like they have in Final Fantasy 1 for the original 8-bit NES. Grass, forest, swamp, in cities, in castles, in dungeons, etc.

Also items such as weapons, armor, potions, talismans, etc.

Thanks !

Here now I thought there were only 16 of these. For those interested you get a nice 30 of them, 3 are great looking bosses. Purchased. I will let you when I use them. Have in mind a good 1-bit dungeon crawler.

Do you have any player sprites also 32x32 and/or more resources that you have done strictly 1-bit ?

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There is a free Online version now. And yes you can load and save your work as well as other carts:

It's a fair idea. I think most people who are using Pico-8 are there just to play the games. Perhaps $5 for a version that has SPLORE only, no option to edit view source, tiles, mapper, SFX, or music. No editor at all actually.

(1 edit)

Thanks ... and while you may have looked at it, if you haven't take a look at Plants Vs Zombies. I think they are the ones that started this sideview Tower Defense thing. You might get some good ideas from there. Best wishes ! I want to see this game progress !

I like the special effects. Once you get the torches out though it's too easy. Suggest you look at a game called, "Vector TD" for the Pocket Sony Playstation.

(3 edits)

Got to the last level and I got the bonus last girl - Belisama. However she does not appear in the selection. Might be a bug. Also Lisa's bow is rather loud when compared with the rest of the sound effects. Suggest lowering volume of it or changing sound entirely.

Also on the last level A9, it does not end after you have defeated all the enemies despite showing the VICTORY! text. Is the game won ?

Hi, Krum. Thank you for your interest in my lifetime project ! Please create an account and write me HERE - and we can discuss getting all the elements of it to you.

Merwok you are quite knowledgeable about Pico-8 yet I have never seen you post a cart in Lexaloffle. Is there some way I can play the games and carts you've written on a different site ?

You are more than welcome !

Well alright, Christopher, but all I can say is WOW ! This is the most amazing Pico-8 program I have ever seen. Yes I like games, but I also like the depths of data too, deep thinking, chess, and the like. Calculators make the best toys. This to me is absolutely EPIC and is now my #1 favorite Pico-8 cart of all time.

OMGosh ! I am so impressed ! If you would please post a version where a money amount is suggested that I may send you. Stellar work here.

I think this will be more interesting on the Lexaloffle website.

You can mess the game up at the Patrons door knock. If you choose LEAVE instead of KNOCK and press a few arrow keys, the game locks up.


As in the past I wrote databases and further wrote a complete RPGMaker, I can see how the computer could do this automatically. You of course for every "event" would need to give a description to, understanding later the program will create this "programmer's" room for both use of the builder and the player.

Back in RPG 95 I had the idea of the player being the builder. That is they were given certain "god-like" items in their inventory and could create structures as well as NPCs and critters.

It would definitely be an interesting experiment to let the computer auto-generate these rooms:

1. Items, Key Items, Weapons, Armor, Spells, Treasures.

2. Flags, adjusted according to gameplay.

3. Warp, warp to any point where a warp was created in the game.

4. Clock, as you have morning,evening, and night, and lunar positions.

Each of these rooms would have an initial description telling what they are and rooms 1 - 3 would have a description attached to every button.

It could also be done perhaps that the player could "grab" a box or button from any room and move it into a 5th empty room and build their own custom set of buttons and control panel.

It would be an interesting challenge to write. I can definitely see it being done.

To your credit to date I have not had to cheat at all. I am a little disappointed that some quests can become RED meaning you failed them and can never have a chance to recover them. Specifically, "Spilled milk."

I like that you can choose when to go to the next chapter. I'm currently on chapter 2 at 12-hours in gameplay and won't go to the next chapter until I have exhausted all the quests.

Another thing I could add would be to have the ability to redo any quest even if completed. Naturally at a penalty, you receive half the amount of coins and instead of a specific mission it would be a generic one with little story.

A good example of this would be, "Experienced Escort."

Once you have done this mission you can do it again as many times as you like but only earn half the amount of money - and there will always be combat to earn that money just to make it difficult for the player.

The ability to redo missions would definitely help the players who may be "running out" of missions to do or run into the dreaded RED where the mission is failed and can never be resolved.

Not an RPG, this is a DRESSUP game w ability to change the face.

(1 edit)

Sorry about that. :) Yep, I'm seeing MDQP in the underlined (red) as it's a link; looks just like a G with the line as you cannot see the descender with the line in the way. I see now in the address bar it is a "Q."

I did want to ask, on the Travel Sphere, did you write this or was it somehow generated automatically from the RPG Maker ?

The detail in here is staggering and if it was manually made I am very impressed.

The game, "EraHunter" has this also but when you choose a region it asks you YES/NO questions as to what you have done prior to entering that time zone.

"Has ... found ... yet ?"
"Has ... helped ... yet ?"

Also may I suggest you add something that EraHunter did not have ? These are two more rooms, Key Items, and Regular Items. Where they can be added and subtracted.

Your world is HUGE. I see now by walking to the RIGHT you enter the TELEPORT area. To make that easier it could be:

So when the player first appears it might be:

[L1] [--] [L2] [--] [PL] [--] [R1] [--] [R2]

Where the L1, L2 appear as left facing arrows and the R1, R2 appear as right facing arrows, the [--] is just a blank tile for separation, and PL is the position the player appears at.

And if the player does touch L1, L2, R1, or R2 then it will also tell the player what room that will go to, YES/NO, if yes is chosen then they warp to that room. That room ALSO puts the player back at the bottom center with a new set of L1, L2, R1, R2.

Entry: Warp room
Left [1], KEY ITEMS
Right [1], SPELLS
Right [2], STORY

You can certainly keep it as is but this means the player must move the full-length of the screen to go from one page to the next. Also consider changing the floor and wall color/design so the player becomes familiar with which room they are in.
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Ah ! That was it. I brought up my settings and found:

  • Show content marked as adult in search & browse

I checkmarked it, clicked SAVE, then did a search for "Caliross" again.

This time it came up.

So, yeah from other sites you are going to have to tell your users to:

1. Create an account on
2. Click on the far upper right triangle that is to the right of their avatar and alias.
3. Select Settings.
4. Scroll to find, "Show content marked as adult in search & browse."
5. Checkmark that.
6. Select SAVE.
7. Then if they search for it, it will come up.

=IF= you want to use the search feature of, that is.

If you just want to give them your URL direct:

It will then bring up a prompt asking if you are 18 or older. Saying yes your link will come straight up, no need for creating an account, settings, or checkmark.

As a writer in Writer's Cafe, I have a little over 53,000 readers. But for the book chapters marked ADULT, I barely have 20-readers to each of those. So, yes, tagging your work as adult will definitely decrease the number of people who can access it or search for it in

What you might do is compromise. Upload a safe-for-work and incredibly limited demo of your game, "Caliross" and do not mark it as adult so anyone can find it. Have in the game (when the demo is won) a link to the "final" version of it also asking at the end of the game demo if they are 18 or over.

I did this in some of my book chapters. I would post 2-chapters consecutively with the same chapter number and one would be safe-for-work and the other would not be, and my readers could choose which one to read.

Yes, MDGP. I mean exactly that. If you go to "" and type out "caliross" in the search you get back:

No results found

If you type instead in the search, "adult" you get back a bunch of games that have nothing to do with "adult" games.

I have previously played and won another erotic RPG (as far as I could as the game is incomplete), "EraHunter."

I was playing "Under Control" which was nice but the difficulty in combat skyrocketed right near the end and even with the whole continent open, it does not seem like I will be able to fight the monsters on the final level in any capacity.

I started playing, "Lust Doll." a bit last night. It is a post-apocalyptic game with very high level of detail to define your character and the most basic of icons for navigation. Deep text and character development. Almost too much porn though. EraHunter and yours so far are the best I have found.

There is Goblin Layer which I have not yet looked at.

Your game also reminds me a bit of "Azure Dreams" for the PS1, a game that promises adventure as well as romance with a few women to choose from.

1. The girl that says she hates you all the time and is very wealthy.
2. A girl that is very sick, homebound, and can barely walk.
3. Your childhood sweetheart.
4. The woman running the items shop. Brash but friendly.
5. The woman running the fortune telling shop. Mysterious and sexy.

Likely there are others.

Having played your game though now for 10-hours now I thought I would track down where it originally came from. And I did. ""

I previously found your game on the site, "" and it hosts a great number of other porn games. The keyword I used to find yours was "RPGM" which of course means RPG Maker, my favorite type of game style to play in any capacity, porn, humor, horror, and adventure.

(1 edit)

Superb work. The exploration in this game is HUGE. And the porn, if I can loosely use that word, is very subtle if you so choose. A grand adventure. Nicely written - all of it.

I would like to add that if you search for, "Caliross" directly in search, nothing comes up. Could be a keyword missing.

(1 edit)

Played and won. Found 3 diamonds. Did not solve the skull.

For awhile there I thought I had to use the flashlight to shine on every empty square in the house for an invisible object. Did not know it was merely a weapon. Might be an idea for future game to have an invisible object that can only be seen with the flashlight.

"You have escaped the spooky house."

Here is $2 for you. Very enjoyable. Please keep me posted to any future games you write.

You can play any game for free on Lexaloffle.

(1 edit)

The world runs on money. IMHO the $15 I spent on Pico-8 is the best and finest investment I ever made to date. For one thing this includes updates for LIFE. And there have been many updates - he could've charged $15 for every update but didn't.

Still, an idea for a demo version might be the following:
Running the demo enters Splore only, main editor and immediate mode are not included. Full access to all games through Splore. Once game comes up all keys are disabled except START. But this still lets you see every demo and what is possible to code with it.
No .p8 files are saved anywhere on the HD, running is internal only. Must have internet connection to run Pico-8 demo engine.
Menu in engine always points to Lexaloffle for purchase when guest has seen enough and ready to buy it.

Good to know ! I was thinking of updating but not if it cancels out this marvelous emulator. Thanks for the heads up !

(6 edits)

(updated 05-20-21)

Hi, wanted to know if you had done anymore work to this. While this runs some of the Pico-8 library on my RG-350, it runs none of the carts I wrote. Why ? I use FLIP() and fixed loops, not _Update() or _Draw().

Currently I donated $2 as this is the amount you suggested and if you can get your Taco to run this code listed as well as the command CSTORE() which run fine in Pico-8, I sure would appreciate it and I will donate an additional $40 in support of your work.

$20 for getting FLIP() to work.

And an additional $20 for getting CSTORE() and MEMCPY() to work (it must be both) so I can load/save the sprite set at 8192-bytes which I normally use for extended saved data.

for i=0,127 do
 for j=0,127 do
until false

CSTORE() that comes with Pico-8 is not recognized as a command in your emulator. This command is vital when it comes to saving off external files. Without it you are limited to accessing only 256-bytes of remote memory per program. A serious limitation.

So even more than getting the code above to work is CSTORE().

Also Pico-8 is now at version 0.2.2c so there is a lot of catching up for you to do if you so choose !

Hope to hear from you soon ...

(1 edit)

Yes, the mouse only registers 1/4 of the pixel size, in the top-left-hand corner of it. If you click in the middle or beyond that pixel, it plots the incorrect next one.

As for hanging on an infinite loop. I had this problem in S2 years ago. Simply check to see if a loop is iterated 1000 times or more. If so, exit out saying "Infinite Loop Detected."

Also as it is 4BOD a good name would be  "Forbode." And yes it is rather forboding to code in.

Great game, still playing it. May I suggest you have a ZOOM lens ? Like [F4] to go full-screen or something. The default "full-screen" provided by your game doesn't change the graphics on my Win8.1 PC at all.

Other than that, sterling effort, all original graphics, music, and design ! You have all the makings of a professional gamewriter and you should definitely pursue it as a career ! :D

I think this could be made a bit smaller by making use of FLR() to divide the modulos. Since it's one-sprite, maybe don't need 2-variables to keep track of it ? Maybe ...

This is very new stuff for me. Thanks for the info !

Hi Steven. The only thing you may be having trouble with is changing font. Press (Z) to bring up the letters. Now, hold in the (X) until two arrows appear on the left and right of the frame. While holding (X) press LEFT or RIGHT to select a new font. Your "Z" is one page to the right.

Thanks for your interest !