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Awesome!! and thanks :D

No, no real way to do that yey in this alpha version of the game. Only way is to bring a lot of potions / food.

awesome, go get the longboat you need to defeat the elder boss. "Burn their young" 

Check with the guys on the discord server, they might be able to give you some advice.

awesome! thanks :D

Mountains are suppose to be SO cold that just a heat source is not enough. You need to have both a heatsource and be in a shelter to not freeze

awesome :D, cool ...base..fort...castle 

thanks! :D

thanks! :D

ask in the Discord server =)

Been thinking of adding TAR , that let you protect wood from rain damage :)

if you can connect, but then gets disconnected later, its probably not a router issue. simply me pushing too much data for your internet connection to handle..then it kills it self =D  RIP. working on the issue :D

weee finally found the edit post button..so hidden..so secret

* Also added version number in serverlist ( only for 0.78.8 and forward versions though.

sorry to hear that.  Well some seeds are harder then others , sometime you get unlucky and start in a harder area. would recommend you to simply try another seed. About the building, well all pieces are med to snap together but you need to learn how they snap.

sweet thanks!!!

But the game is not even for sale. Its free :P ,  i only take donations at this point.

=) thanks!!   my name is not Davoid though, its Richard :D

remapping will probably be added in the future yes.

Will try to improve the networking,

 Lan play should be fully possible as it is. 

You should not take falldamage unless its a very steep slope etc.

wee thanks!! :D

yes, will most definetly try to release it on steam. 



wow thank you!! Will defiently try to get the game onto steam eventually, cant say when, cant say price. but i will keep working on it :). oh yea..caves would be awesome :D

haha , yea that does not sound very fun. i saw you joining the discord chat. 

Could you join the discord server ?  https://discord.gg/44qXMJH

ah, im guessing theres some kind of error occuring that screws everything up. this has happened some time before. would a lot of you could send me your log file.

sos?  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOS ?


Theres no global chat, but here is a shout command "/s Something something" in the chat  

oh, thast very odd. i think i remember we had this issue once a while back. i do not remember what chaused it though. could you maybe send me your outputlog .txt file ( button in bottom left in main menu)  to dvoidis(AT)gmail.com


kind word! thanks!

Hello everybody!

Today marks a huge milestone in the development of Valheim, i finally added it to Itch.io woho!

Get it it here: https://dvoidis.itch.io/valheim

Valheim is a game about exploring a huge fantasy world inspired by norse mythology and viking culture. You start your adventure at the relatively peaceful center of Valheim. The further from the center you travel, the more challenging the world becomes. But you will also find more valuable materials that you can use to craft deadlier weapons and sturdier armor. You will also build your own viking strongholds and outposts all over the world. Eventually you will build a mighty longship and sail the great oceans in search of exotic lands … but be wary of sailing too far...

It looks something like this... (when fleeing an isolated island on a raft )

Or like this ( when fighting for survival in a Draugr infested swamp )