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Hello!! , well there is no planned "updates" , but there is a planned STEAM release. There is however no set date for the steam release just yet though. Estimating at earliest release at end of this year, but its looking more likely to be early next year instead. ITS SIMPLY TOO MUCH FUN WORKING ON IT!!! :D..or simply too much stuff that I want to add before release ;)


well the main issue is: One of the BIGGEST issue players have with the game with the current ITCH version is networking, since the itch version relies on traditional TCP/IP networking it requires you to have some knowledge of networking and often router configuration to be able to host your own game and have other players to join. The game will try to use UPNP to automatically configure your router but this is very unreliable. Fortunately when using STEAM i can use steam sockets that does automatic NAT punchthrough and server routing if that failes. Making the networking almost 100% reliable and easy to use for everybody...making the players..HAPPY! so unless i can find a similar system that works just as good as steamsockets but does not require steam, then im not sure i want to release it on any other platform. Ofc if you only plan to play singeplayer that wont matter at all. But there will always be players that will be annoyed when the networking wont work. I dont want to give players a bad experience if i can avoid it :(. 

tnx <3

atm my primary concern is getting there steam release ready. Might do a gog release etc in the future, but i won't promise anything.

sorry to hear that. Yes finding the tombstone is an issue i probably need to address. As for iron it has been completely changed in the steam beta.

awesome! Thanks


its not random, just make sure you actually point the level you want to flatten to. it flattens the area to the same height as the point in the center.

are you using the official nvidia drivers or something else?  

are you using the official nvidia drivers or something else?  

hi, please write bugs in the bugs channel on discord 😅🤡



Awesome!! and thanks :D

No, no real way to do that yey in this alpha version of the game. Only way is to bring a lot of potions / food.

awesome, go get the longboat you need to defeat the elder boss. "Burn their young" 

Check with the guys on the discord server, they might be able to give you some advice.

awesome! thanks :D

Mountains are suppose to be SO cold that just a heat source is not enough. You need to have both a heatsource and be in a shelter to not freeze

awesome :D, cool ...base..fort...castle 

thanks! :D

thanks! :D

ask in the Discord server =)

Been thinking of adding TAR , that let you protect wood from rain damage :)

if you can connect, but then gets disconnected later, its probably not a router issue. simply me pushing too much data for your internet connection to handle..then it kills it self =D  RIP. working on the issue :D

weee finally found the edit post secret

* Also added version number in serverlist ( only for 0.78.8 and forward versions though.

sorry to hear that.  Well some seeds are harder then others , sometime you get unlucky and start in a harder area. would recommend you to simply try another seed. About the building, well all pieces are med to snap together but you need to learn how they snap.

sweet thanks!!!

But the game is not even for sale. Its free :P ,  i only take donations at this point.

=) thanks!!   my name is not Davoid though, its Richard :D

remapping will probably be added in the future yes.

Will try to improve the networking,

 Lan play should be fully possible as it is. 

You should not take falldamage unless its a very steep slope etc.

wee thanks!! :D

yes, will most definetly try to release it on steam. 



wow thank you!! Will defiently try to get the game onto steam eventually, cant say when, cant say price. but i will keep working on it :). oh yea..caves would be awesome :D