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Y'know, I'm not sure how child-friendly this might be, not in the sense of the contents but in how much the game calls for introspection amidst  times of turmoil. Regardless, I'd be more than happy to send you a copy for your class! Could you e-mail me at dvaleris at gmail etc so I can send you a pdf?

Yes! I will post links here once it's available for purchase again. Thanks so much for your interest and support!

My pleasure! Enjoy!

Not rude at all! I'll throw in a few more copies shortly.

Hey there, wanted to make sure you were aware that we're entering the home stretch for our pre-order store! Hopefully, this is a redundant message, but I'm never 100% sure how itch notifications work, so thought it was better to be safe than sorry :) .

I love both this and the Ten Of Pencils you submitted for the Artifacts Of Horror jam! Please let me know if you ever design a Tarot deck. Your aesthetics are so cool!

Piping up two years after the original post to express my interest!

Yes! Once itch releases the download keys for my KS backers, I will add the associated community copies: just want to make sure my backers get their files first. Hopefully, itch won't take much longer to get back to me re: the keys!

This is a cute, simple game that can be used as an icebreaker or just in any instance you want to build rapport over a warm beverage. Delightful!

Thank you for the feedback! I thought about posting a link to Tarot websites here on this page, but so many people have their own favorites that I didn't want to bias anyone towards a particular site over another. I also didn't want to date the game, so to speak, by linking to a site that might feel innovative now but looks and feels clunky just a few months down the line. As you said, Google is really a great bet for this because you can pick and choose what on-line Tarot format (and often even deck!) you prefer. Were I totally new to Tarot, I might rely on their first result for online Tarot spreads, the Labyrinthos Academy, to get me started, at least at this moment in time. I hope you find it helpful!

I also hope that this game helps launch you on your own journey of discovery with Tarot, and especially that you find a physical deck that you resonate with. Online decks are great, but nothing beats having a physical deck of your own to examine at your leisure. Most also come with guidebooks that help explain each card in depth as well as the designer's vision for the deck. Best of luck in your journey, and happy gaming!

I absolutely know that feeling! Please feel free to share the story, if you'd like. This game is meant to be a springboard for your imagination, so it would be awesome if you kept creating adventures for your character!

I'm actually setting up the Pledge Manager with a late option now! Digital copies will also be available on itch once I've finalized files. I'll post updates here once I get my BackerKit link.

An RPG on a mug! I didn't know how much I needed this till I saw it! <3

I need to believe that this wonderful game was inspired by questionable typography :D.

This is amazing and I need to incorporate it into a campaign soonest!

I didn't realize this was on Goodreads! Have added my review as well!

That's wonderful! There are so many great games in there, and I hope you'll enjoy mine too.

Thank you!  This is definitely a companion game, tho I've found it has the tendency to spiral the imagination towards creating freeform stories. Which I'll hopefully be able to find time to codify into a main game this fall!

Thank you! I apologize for the timing with no Community Copies, which I've put on hold since it's part of the Solo Not Alone 2 charity bundle. They'll be back up after the sale ends in February tho!

I love this so much, especially how you combine all the elements of the Wordle into the role-play. A delight.

Announcement tweet just went up!

That's a great question! As with any rpg, a lot is open to player interpretation, but one example of Air warping in either dimension would be to rework the sounds from a hostile acquaintance's mouth, to be friendly, or white noise, or even silence. As a Strictness effect in That dimension, you can bind air by subjecting a supernatural flying effect to the laws of reality. Binding Air in This dimension would be something more prosaic, like persuading someone to leave the window open for healthful fresh air (and perhaps later an opportunity for escape.)

I do like how you picked up on the natural duality of the game, tho I did find in playtesting that it's difficult to enforce connections unless you take turns between dimensions instead of randomizing. I think it makes for a more artistic story if you connect scenes between dimensions, but I've found that that's also often beyond the ability of novices to role-playing. It's definitely something to encourage tho!

I would love to hear your experiences if you do!

Oh gosh, I didn't realize you also did the (Un)Naturalist game! That's been on my to-play list for ages!

Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to expanding that into a bigger game... once I'm done with my current game project D:

The logo is darling, but I'll always have a place in my heart for an imaginary soap opera called RPF from now on :D.

This is delightful! I laughed several time just reading the pdf. I love this theme so much! I do have a suggestion tho: perhaps find a place on the sheet itself to explain  or at least hint at what RPF stands for. It's a hilarious joke for ppl downloading from itch, but is a headscratcher if you're looking just at the page.

Anyway, this was super cute and I'll definitely be voting for it in Tiny Tome!

Oh yes, I ought to link directly to the SRD! Let me see if I can do that easily from mobile, else I'll edit the next time I'm on my PC.

Thanks so much! I've downloaded Arcana Magna and will email you my thoughts shortly.

A perfect curry puff, fried golden crisp on the  outside, with spicy, tender potatoes on the inside

Hurray! Thank you so much!

Is there a way to get the Goose Deck without the text printed on it? I'd like a plain one for the a-mending game please.

Thought I'd leave a comment, so others would know how awesome this one-page game is! The tarot mechanic is so lovely, and has the benefit of being both simple and flexible. I really enjoy being inspired by whichever deck I'm using when writing my healer's adventures. It's also nice that you have the option of ditching your party and either re-rolling or retiring altogether. I did use a d6 to randomize several things (e.g. the kind of party I'd join) but didn't feel I needed to do that to enhance the game.