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While per the rules it is technically allowed, it is not in the spirit of a game jam, and will get rid of all the fun of making a game during the specified time period.
Also note that there is an extremely big chance that your already made game does not fit the theme at all.

Do yourself a favor, if you want to participate, try and make a game specifically for the jam, you don't have to finish it, you don't have to even submit it. The learning you'll be doing during it is what counts much more than anything.

There's no limit on team size, we just recommend against going over 4, this because bigger teams will struggle more with coordination, but there is no limit.

The way you use the theme is up to you, that's not set in stone

I don't see a reason to make more than one for a jam

No. everything has to be made during the jam

No you cannot use an asset to make a save system simpler you'll have to make that yourself

Then you're in CEST which is UTC+2, gotta account for the daylight saving time ;)

If you don't mind me asking, what country are you from?

No, assets like DOTween are not allowed.

Extensions such as Monogame.Extended are allowed

We recommend using Crowdforge to make your life easier in finding people for your team 

We recommend using Crowdforge to make your life easier in finding people for your team 

These prices are sponsored by Unity. Most of the creators helping out this jam use Unity.

Note that assets might still be usable outside of Unity, depending on the type of asset and it's license.